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Suffering, torturing yourself, fighting against all adversities of nature and for victory, your personal record or any other kind of self-imposed goal – in short: enjoying all of the happiness cycling has to offer – is not only a task for your body but also for PEARL iZUMi bike wear. PEARL iZUMi stands for cycling clothing at the highest level and has been doing so for over 60 years. The mission, though, has never changed: PEARL iZUMi is all about high performance equipment for athletes who don’t want to compromise. Find out more about PEARL iZUMi here!

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PEARL iZUMi – a passion for cycling

The history of PEARL iZUMi started in 1950 when a devoted Japanese father decided to improve the design and performance of his son's bike wear. Back then, poorly fitting cotton and wool cycling clothing was the standard. The young company, on the other hand, was striving for innovation and managed to set new standards in terms of functions, modern fabrics, anatomical fit, moisture dissipation and wear resistance. All of PEARL iZUMi’s products were designed to meet the needs of their customers not on the status quo. Although the technologies and materials used by PEARL iZUMi have been improved many times over the years and are always state of the art, the method of thinking from the athlete's point of view has not changed to this day.

PEARL iZUMi textile technology

The brand is one of the pioneers in the development and use of new materials and textile technologies. Weather protection, temperature control, comfort and safety – with PEARL iZUMi cycling wear you're ready to go!

Get noticed, be safe: BioViz®

The road can be as dangerous as it is liberating for cyclists. More so when it is dark. When motorists can’t see cyclists, they can’t avoid them. That’s why cycling gear is designed using bright, luminescent and reflective fabrics. It’s not the most flattering look. But in cycling, it’s function before fashion. But PEARL iZUMi has taken it a step further than that. The technology behind PEARL iZUMi BioViz® is a smart balance between science and design which guarantees that cyclists always get noticed.