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ASSOS – high performance cycling wear

The Swiss specialists for cycling clothing are much more than just a brand. ASSOS is the epitome of high-quality textile bike equipment. It’s the promise to set the highest standards of comfort and performance without compromise. Especially the legendary ASSOS shorts are and always have been trend-setting. The companies history is full of unique inventions and patents. Stick around to learn more about ASSOS!

The ASSOS Layering System (ALS) is your personal temperature regulation in any weather. The year is organized into four Climacodes and color-coded. So you can customize your outfit to your requirements and combine the layers accordingly to ensure optimal regulation of body temperature regardless of external weather conditions.

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ASSOS Bike Clothing

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ASSOS — technology to achieve ultimate comfort

The basis of all ASSOS products is progressive thinking on the bike. The development of new technologies and material compositions takes centre stage. This special approach by ASSOS requires longer development times, which is understandable with such complex product design. But therefore ASSOS cloths aren’t pulled from the shelves after just one season. They stick around, which is in large part due to the unique and long-lasting wearing comfort.

However, no matter how complex a garment may be, it has to feel just like a second skin: easy to handle for the wearer, functional and simple. Imperceptible, non-braking, non-inhibiting and robust — these are the abilities that make the ultimate equipment for biking. Also ASSOS‘ simple style has long since become a trademark of the company, as it stands for the will to achieve ultimate functionality; not to distract from the essential.

ASSOS Layering System (ALS)

One important ASSOS motto: Less is more. The entire collection is designed according to this maxim. The goal in the development of their clothing is to make use of the natural heat-regulating properties of the body through different layers of clothing with a minimum of weight and volume. Material, cut and design always have essential functions and are designed to complement each other perfectly. This applies not only to individual textiles but also to the entire collection: everything interlocks like a puzzle, both from a technical and aesthetical standpoint.

AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design)

High-tech materials are ultimately useless unless they are perfectly cut and processed. ASSOS‘ approach to construct the fit in such a way that it harmonizes perfectly with the sitting position on the bike is called AEPD. It‘s this philosophy and know-how that makes ASSOS‘ clothing so special. It‘s designed to blend in perfectly with the body on the bike.

Three fits for the perfect bike outfit

The fit of the pros, equipped with some compression. It feels somewhat limited when standing and walking, but fits like a glove once sitting in the typical position on the bike. The result is better performance with increased comfort.

A body-hugging fit that is not quite as tight as ASSOS' racingFit. It offers wearing comfort and speed especially for training purposes.

Still a tight fit, but the overall cut is a little looser than regularFit. Regarding pants, for example, this includes a wider cut, especially in the abdominal area. ASSOS' most universal fit is suitable for the majority of bikers and offers you generous freedom of movement without unnecessary pressure on the body.

ASSOS shorts are of a special kind

High-quality textiles with sun protection and antibacterial, odour-inhibiting properties form the basis of ASSOS‘ pants. Fabrics with special performance in terms of elasticity and breathability are used to create the typical ASSOS wearing comfort. The cutting patterns are reduced to a minimum in order to ensure a perfect fit, fewer seams and improved aerodynamics. Bib shorts feature Y7 frame carrier bibTech: A construction in which the Y-shaped bibs sit absolutely crease-free. They nestle even better due to the optimal position of the straps on the body. Specially developed leg cuffs stand out with their extremely high elasticity, are very soft and always hold the bike shorts in the right position without creating unnecessary pressure. The most important aspect of the bike shorts is the seat pad, of course.

High-tech chamois for ultimate comfort

The basis of every ASSOS cycling pad is the memory foam. This material permanently adapts to the contours of the body and saddle as soon as pressure is released. Thus it offers maximum comfort in every riding position. If the weight is shifted, the memory foam immediately fills the resulting gaps. The pads also use the unique three-layer foam construction ASSOS Waffle: Instead of a continuous foam pad as a middle layer, a perforated one is used for more breathability and less weight. Another milestone in the development of ASSOS, which is installed in many ASSOS bike shorts, is called ASSOS goldenGate: a patented technology that increases the performance of the seat pads for maximum freedom of movement for the body. Before the _S7 generation, all seat pads were sewn or glued to the bike shorts. Now, with goldenGate, the seams are interrupted at specially defined points. This allows a certain mobility (called "swimming") of the pad in three dimensions. This avoids friction in the affected, sensitive areas.

Bike jerseys & jackets for every weather

The outerwear from ASSOS also convinces with high-quality fabrics, high wearing comfort and ingenious technologies. From functional undershirts and jerseys for really hot conditions in the summer, light shells and emergency jackets to warm winter biking jackets, everything is represented in the large ASSOS range available at Bike-Discount. There’s something special about rain and wind clothing: The MILLE GT Shells are unisex and designed for both road and MTB riders.

The clever ASSOS Layering System provides the perfect outfit for every weather condition. Anatomical bike fits, well thought-out details and bag constructions support you even after many hours in the saddle — without compromise. Design your perfect biking outfit in our ASSOS shop, benefit from the huge selection, great promotions and offers.

The unrivalled ASSOS quality

The Swiss company pursues the philosophy of producing the highest quality, most comfortable, functional and robust cyclin apperal possible — they don't like compromise. The brand meets this demand for perfection by maintaining the highest standards in every single step of the entire production process — from research, material selection, processing and extensive testing to quality control of the finished garment. "Made by ASSOS" is therefore more than just a slogan. It‘s an unbeatable quality feature of exceptionally comfortable and highly functional bike cloths. ASSOS cloths are the benchmark for all enthusiastic cyclists who rely on excellent and highly developed sportswear. It is no coincidence that ASSOS also rides in the peloton — on the shoulders and around the legs of the BMC Racing Team. The Swiss also have a close relationship with the Global Cycling Network — both liaisons can be found in their team wear.

The extraordinary cycling shorts and other high-tech equipment are of course not only available for male cyclists, the ladies also gets their money's worth at ASSOS — the T.laalaLaiShorts_s7 is clearly the focus of the S7 generation for ladies, the counterpart to the men's and unisex ASSOS starter series MILLE GT is with the women's cycling clothing UMA GT.

ASSOS offroad series

ASSOS is also present off the road with their high-tech bike clothing: ASSOS offroad. All this of course as uncompromising as in the field of road cycling. Basis is a cleverly built pants system, consisting of liner pants and wide cut mountain bike shorts, both for men and women. Bib shorts and liner pants can be fitted with shock-absorbing hip pads if required — making them versatile in the MTB sector. The seat pads specially developed for MTB use also meet the highest comfort requirements. MTB jerseys can also be found in the ASSOS Offroad Rally collection. The unisex designed MILLE GT Shell series completes the outerwear — just like the racing bike equipment — by offering perfect weather protection on and off the road.