Cyclocross – let’s go off-road

Cyclocross bikes are becoming more and more popular not only with competitive but also with recreational cyclists. The main reason is the incredible versatility of these robust bikes when it comes to the terrain. They transfer the road bike characteristics of being fast and light from road to off-road – with a few special features, of course. Compared to a thoroughbred road bike, the frame, wheels, tyres, brakes and shifting components are designed especially to make extended rides on rougher terrains not only possible but also enjoyable. Learn more about cyclocross bikes...

Cyclocross Bike

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Cyclocross bikes: designed to perform in various conditions

The similarities between cyclocross bikes and road bikes may be obvious, but they are still two different types of bicycle. Thanks to specially developed components based on MTB experience, the robust wheels of a cross bike can also be used on more demanding terrains. Should the terrain become too challenging, however, the bike can be shouldered which is facilitated by a flattened top tube and specially adapted cable routing. The frame geometry also differs from that of a road bike. The wheelbase is somewhat shorter, resulting in a more agile bike. In addition, the seating position is a little more upright for better handling.

Like road bikes, cyclocross bikes are usually equipped with 28" wheels, but these are particularly robust and, just as well as the frame, they are designed to accommodate the wider cross tyres. Having a lot of advantages, disc brakes have become part of the standard equipment when it comes to cross bikes. They do not only offer a better braking performance but also function perfectly even in wet and dirty conditions. Furthermore, they don’t cause any wear on the rims.

Riders who prefer a little more comfort and would like to commute daily or travel long distances with their bike are advised to choose a gravel bike instead. Compared to pure cyclocross machines, which are built to be used in cross-country races as well, they offer a less aggressive frame geometry for a smoother ride. Quite often, they also feature fenders and racks, which turn them into even more versatile companions.