Trekking bikes – all-rounders with a fun factor

Trekking bikes are very versatile, reliable and practical companions. They are ideal for all those who do not just want to use their bike for a quick ride to the shop around the corner or for commuting to their workplace, but also want to enjoy an extended bike trip or even a multi-day cycling tour. That's why a good trekking bike is designed to be sporty enough for urban use and at the same time robust enough to cope with long distances, gravel roads and luggage. Read more …

Trekking Bikes

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Classification of trekking bikes

A trekking bike is a hybrid between a mountain bike and a road bike, which is why they are sometimes also referred to as hybrid bikes. Trekking bikes or touring bikes look similar to mountain bikes, but the wheels are thinner and they also offer a more upright riding position. Most of the trekking bikes come with mudguards and some models are also equipped with internal hub gears. If a trekking bike doesn't come with a mudguard, you can easily have one fitted on the frame. These bikes first appeared on the scene during the 1990s and even though they are relatively new, they already have gained a huge following among bicycle enthusiasts. You can use them for commuting, for leisure riding, to get more exercise, for bike tours and for family cycling. As a result there are all kinds of different models available on the market. Some lean more towards mountain bikes, while others are more sporty. They all have one thing in common though. Trekking bikes can be used for many different purposes and usually come fully equipped with a luggage rack.

The ultimate all-rounder

Trekking bikes usually come with a flat handlebar, similar to what you can see on mountain bikes. The brake components and the shifting are therefore quite similar to mountain bikes. This leads to a riding position, which is a bit more upright and is very comfortable and safe at the same time. Also trekking bikes usually come with bigger tires than road bikes. This allows for a smoother riding than the narrow tires of road bikes. However, not all trekking bikes are created equal and they can lean towards both ends of the spectrum. Some are similar to mountain bikes, while others resemble road bikes. The size of the wheels can be a good indicator. Bigger wheels are usually better suited for off-road use, while smaller wheels are designed with more urban conditions in mind.

How trekking bikes caught on

Trekking bikes first hit the scene during the 1990s, during a time when most people simply bought mountain bikes. However a mountain bike can often times be too rough and too slow for casual riders, who just want to commute or cruise along the streets. This is why bike designers combined the best elements from road bikes and mountain bikes to create a new hybrid of both. This kind of bicycle is created with the average rider in mind and is the best all-rounder on the market. You can easily use it for longer trips and even take it off-road onto forest tracks. With all these great features trekking bikes have been getting more and more popular in recent years. They are lightweight, provide a wide range of gears and can be used not only for short, but also for long distances. At the same time, they are much better suited for asphalt than a traditional mountain bike. A great and versatile product that will serve you well for many years. However, if you want to take your bicycle off-road and conquer tough terrains such as mountain tracks, then obviously a trekking bike is not the right choice.

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