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Broad range of Mountain Bike Tyres

Mountain bikers know: „With the tyre you choose, you decide whether you win or lose!“ Finding and deciding on the perfect tyre that fits your needs can be a complex task. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place: At Bike-Discount we offer all the information and the products you need. This section includes items especially made and designed for mountain bikes and their use on off-road terrain.
When mountain biking, you want to be comfortable with your gear, rely on your material. Mountain Bike Tyres have significantly larger knobs, so they can dig into loose terrain to create more stability and provide an overall more comforting and secure feeling.
Two important factors with Mountain Bike Tyres: Wheel Size and Tyre Width. Tyres, like wheels, come in three different sizes: 26 inch, 27,5 inch and 29 inch. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s label on your wheel set, it should detail the size of tyre that will fit.
The Tyre Width determines the feel and performance of your bike. The wider the tyre the greater the stability: With wider tyres comes higher friction – and that will effect your speed. Therefore it is important to figure out, which tyre best fits your individual needs. There is a rule-of-thumb you can go by: Cross country bikers tend to rely on a tyre width between 1.8 and 2.2. inches. Mountain bikers and downhill riders usually go for a width between 2.1 and 2.4 inches. Notice that tyre width may vary from brand to brand even though the indications of width are identical. To avoid unwanted surprises be sure to read thoroughly through the product description or check reviews in professional bike magazines.

Why front and rear tyre do matter

Most brands offer specific tyres for front and rear. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a front as a rear or vice versa, but keep in mind that they were especially designed to optimize a riders performance, when using them as intended. The front tyre is where the controlling and steering happens. Therefore it will have more directional knobs with lower profiles, built to offer maximum speed and a better cornering traction.

Rear tyres – where your muscle power is transformed into forward momentum. This kind of tyre features horizontal knobs and is usually more narrow than the front tyre.
Check out our shop and browse through the Wheels MTB section for a general overview. When mounting new tyres always check for the right amount of tyre pressure, the info is usually noted on the tyre itself. Three pressure types will be listed: the minimum, average and maximum pressure. A pressure gauge might come in handy. Accessories and other supplies can be found in the Tubes-Section.
It is important to keep a regular check on your tyre pressure to avoid accidents, injuries and an unexpected abridged trip.

Different types of tyres

Folding, non-folding, tubular: there are different types of tyres that fit different needs. Folding tyres have kevlar strands instead of wire inside. That makes them flexible and easy to fold. They are lighter and fit into a backpack – perfect for transportation and people who like to carry a spare.

Tubeless tyres hold air without an inner tube. They are directly assembled on the rims. A big benefit of tubeless tyres is that they do not need high inflation pressure for maximum performance. On top of that, tubeless systems are generally lighter and offer the cyclists more comfort, grip and puncture protection. The tubular tyre has a sewn in tube. The tyre is glued onto the rim. and the clear advantage is that even with a flat the tyre stays on the rim and you can stop safely without losing control. Last but not least, spike tyres are specifically designed for a better grip on difficult terrain. You might want to consider carrying a repair set.