Cycling shoes – the perfect link between rider and bike

Cycling shoes mark the point where the rider and the drivetrain of his bike merge into one powerful unit. For an efficient power transmission, road bike shoes in particular are characterized by a very special look. The top models are sophisticated masterpieces with a high-tech surface, ultra-light carbon sole, innovative closure system and holes for cleats. The design of many MTB shoes, on the other hand, is more similar to sneakers. If instead of clipless pedals platform pedals are used, a relatively stiff rubber sole with a non-slip profile for particularly good grip takes the place of a pedal mounting system. But no matter whether road bike or mountain bike, whether trail, trekking or triathlon – the right size and optimum fit are what matters most. That's why you'll find shoes that fit perfectly for every discipline in our shop – and at great prices!

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Cycling-Shoe-Sale at Bike-Discount

Bike-Discount offers you a wide range of cycling shoes – basically everything from road shoes to mountain bike shoes. Why? Because cycling is not just cycling anymore: This sport or leisure activity has evolved into many different cycling disciplines. With different bikes come different pedals and thus different shoes: Therefore the selection of footwear varies. Each type of shoe has it’s own unique design and integrated technology, that will let you use your strength more efficiently. While you enjoy a bike ride, your body is constantly at work. If you’re on a long and challenging ride, you don’t want to waste any energy, because you will need it along the way. One way of increasing your performance is to make sure, your shoes fit your pedals. So have a look at the Bike-Discount pedal section. Here you will find the matching pedals for your new pair of cycling shoes.

What type of cycling shoe do I need?

Decide whether you are more into mountain biking and off-road cycling – and buy the corresponding shoe. Off-road bikers need to check out the great selection of MTB Flat Pedals Shoes, MTB Shoes and MTB Winter Shoes at Bike-Discount. Browsing the MTB Flat Pedal section you will find several different styles for freeriders. The clipless shoe fits perfect for almost every occasion: Whether you’re out on a cycling adventure or just strolling through everyday life – with the freerider you can enjoy the best of both worlds. There aren’t many shoes as versatile as a freerider. If you’re looking for a shoe as tough as the trail you’re “rocking and rolling”, you need to check out the MTB Shoes. Rigid soles and resilient materials guarantee a high performance – no matter what route you take through the mountains. To take on any obstacle that crosses your and your bike’s path in icy rain or snow, there ist no better footwear than a rugged and sturdy MTB Winter Shoe. Integrated thermal insulation and waterproof technology in most models will keep your toes warm and dry. If you prefer fast rides on sleek pavement you need road shoes. Designed for speed without giving up on comfort these light weight and aerodynamic shoe models guarantee an efficient power transmission. Because no matter whether you’re a professional or beginner, when you’re out on the road, your strength and energy need to go into the pedals. Even though road shoes are light weight, they do come in winter models for the cold season – check them out in this section. Alternatively you can use overshoes to keep your feet warm and dry. These come in shoe caps or complete shoe covers. Triathletes need a comfortable bike shoe, that slips on quickly and easily – even on cold, wet feet. At Bike-Discount we offer various models of unisex tri bike shoes. Made for women and men who enjoy the challenge.

Big clearance on bike shoes

You want great quality and fair prices? Then look no further, you have come to the right place: At Bike-Discount we cooperate with many different partners and manufacturers from all around the world – we rely on a well-structured international cooperation system to offer you the best prices possible for great quality. Other benefits you will enjoy, when purchasing at Bike-Discount: a fast delivery system, a 30 days Return Policy, buyer’s protection, secure shopping with SSL and our privacy policy. Check out our big clearance SALE on bike shoes: Buy footwear from Five Ten, Gaerne, Shimano or Sidi and save up to 50%. Try a new brand or stick with your favorite one!