E-bike – a new cycling experience

An electric bicycle opens up new horizons: it’s faster and more comfortable on the road and offers new possibilities for touring, commuting or leisure purposes. Furthermore, you can train with a more even load, enjoy the uphill flow and ride with a bike trailer without getting exhausted ... and that’s just for starters. There’s lots of good reasons for choosing an e-bike! The main feature of these hybrid bikes – or pedelecs, as they are sometimes called – is their electronic device supporting the rider up to a speed of 25 km/h. The motor delivers the power as soon as the rider starts pedaling. This power support can be regulated as required. ➤ Learn more about e-bikes!

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E-bike: higher, faster, farther

An electric bike, pedelec or E-Bike is a great way to get around. It has all the advantages of a conventional bicycle, combined with the power of a battery-powered motor. Cycling is fun but with the added support of a motor you can get around more easily, especially when you're climbing hills or accelerating to get away from traffic lights. Contrary to a motorbike, you can still use the pedal to generate power. Thus an ebike is not just an ordinary electric scooter. Since you can still use the pedals to propel your bike forward, technically it is an electrically-assisted bicycle. This is a great advantage, since many countries don't require you to have a special license, insurance or pay heavy taxes in order to use an ebike.

While some cycling purists may scoff at the idea of a battery-powered motor in your bike, ebikes have been gaining popularity over the last years. Not only older riders appreciate the support and the boost in speed an electric motor can provide. Ebikes are gaining traction all over Europe and sales numbers have been rising steadily.

A great mode of transportation for urban environments

If you rely solely on the power of the electric motor, an ebike can gain a speed of up to 15 miles per hour. If you add your legwork, you can go even faster than that, too! The electric motor can give you a nice boost when you have to accelerate quickly, like at traffic lights or stop lights. This makes the ebike a great mode of transportation for urban environments and a real alternative to a car. The range of your ebike depends on the battery capacity. The higher the battery capacity of your ebike, the higher the range and the further you can ride with it.

Many ebikes will offer you a choice of different modes. You can choose to have the electric motor give you a nice boost, especially when you're riding up hills or you could just cruise along when you're riding on a flat terrain, while your own legs do most of the work. This way you can still get a nice exercise while you ride your bike, but unless you want to, you really don't have to break a sweat.

When your battery is empty, charging it up again couldn't be any simpler! All you have to do is plug it into a regular electric socket in your household. Depending on how far you want to go with your ebike, you can choose between a number of different batteries and capacities. Some electric bikes get up to 50 miles out of one charge! How long a charge will last for you depends on your personal usage and how much you want the electric motor to assist you. If you want to, you can increase the power and speed along, or you can decrease it and ride at a more leisurely pace. It's up to you and your personal style of riding.

Save money with your ebike

If you commute to work with a car, you could save lots of money using an ebike instead. The cost of an ebike is very low and you can even ride for free, if you choose to turn off the electric motor. With current gas prices you will save a fortune and at the same time you are doing Mother Earth a huge favour. Ebikes are an eco-friendly mode of transportation and will be easy on your wallet as well. If you are interested in ebikes, just take a look into our online shop. We offer a variety of ebikes,  from known brands such as Radon, Cube or Merida. You can find a large variety of Electric Mountain Bikes, eBike Hybrids and motorised Trekking Bikes for Ladies and Men. Of course you can also find accessories like charger packs and batteries for your ebike.