The right cycling clothes for every occasion

In order to enjoy the perfect cycling experience, you need the right bike wear. For cyclists it’s just as essential as the bike or saddle. Function and fit should meet the purpose and not restrain you but enhance your performance as a rider from head to toe! It doesn't matter whether you are commuting to work, riding to the shops, on an extended bike tour or a challenging trail, up for a bike trip or just training. You will find the right clothing for every cycling occasion in our online shop. Most of the items are in stock and ready for shipment! Learn more about cycling clothing ...

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Cycling Clothing

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Bike wear from head to toe

Cycling clothing should make you feel comfortable on your bike and protect you. Whether summer or winter, heat or cold, rain or wind – with the right equipment there’s no need to fear the whims of the weather. And that's exactly what cycling and the right bike wear are all about: increasing your independence from external circumstances and enabling you to just hop on your bicycle and go whenever you want to. Of course that’s as true for road cycling clothing and MTB wear as for cycling clothing in general.
But weather is just one of the key issues when it comes to cycling clothing – safety is just as crucial! Reflective elements are therefore a central aspect of modern bike wear. Commuters and people who ride in the dark need even more visibility in road traffic and require special safety clothing which, of course, is also available in our shop.

The centerpiece of your bike outfit: the cycling pants

Bicycle pants are the central element of almost every cycling outfit, literally positioned at the rider's most important point of contact with the bike: the saddle. The padding can make all the difference, depending on the intended use and the time you aim to spend in the saddle. A central question for cycling shorts is whether with or without bibs. Shorts with bibs are sometimes called "bib cycling shorts", but more often simply "bib shorts" or „bib tights“. They are the preferred choice of many cycling enthusiasts, from recreational cyclists to ambitious riders and professionals, whether for training or competition purposes.
How and when, i.e. in which season and weather, you ride your bike is important for the type of pants you should choose: shorts or full length trousers, liners to wear under your MTB shorts or cycling legwear for commuters, recreational cyclists and touring cyclists. ➤ Cycling legwear for men | ➤ Cycling legwear for women

Weather protection and breathability

Functional cycling clothing focuses on the combination of maximum weather protection and best possible breathability. Especially when on long tours or on a road bike, you need garments to protect your body permanently from extreme heat, wind, sun or cold in order to ride comfortably and stay healthy. To protect your body effectively, prevent overheating and transport the moisture, special functional materials are used. UV protection is also an important aspect of modern bike wear, helping you to avoid long-term damages to your skin as a result of many hours spent in the saddle. Winter cycling clothes provide ideal insulation at sub-zero temperatures, ensuring that you can happily cycle through the coldest time of the year. Of course, it takes the right accessories to complete your cycling outfit: arm warmers, knee warmers and leg warmers can protect you from wind and cold and offer UV protection as well.

Stay safe – use a helmet

Bike helmets are indispensable! We clearly recommend that you always wear a helmet, no matter how short or safe your journey is supposed to be. You will find a huge selection of helmets for any kind of head and purpose, any terrain, any adventure on the bicycle. The right head protection is just one click away! As cycling enthusiasts it is close to our hearts that our customers are always safe. We therefore attach great importance to the high quality of the helmets we offer and prefer products by renowned manufacturers. You will find that quality safety equipment for cyclists is not necessarily expensive. ➤ Helmets for men | ➤ Helmets for ladies | ➤ Helmets for children

Protectors: more safety on the MTB trails

When the terrain gets tougher, reliable protective MTB equipment is exactly what you need. There are a number of items that help to keep gravity riders safe from head to toe. Whether Goggles, neck protectors, body armors, knee and shin guards or protective trousers from renowned and specialized brands – we offer you a broad selection of protection products for all occasions on and off the trail! ➤ Protectors for men | ➤ Protectors for women

Huge selection of brands – in stock and quickly delivered to you!

Thanks to a close cooperation with suppliers and brands, our cycling clothing department is able to constantly provide a vast range of first-class bike wear for every occasion. We offer a huge variety of renowned bicycle brands, from major players, such as ASSOS, Castelli, Pearl Izumi, CRAFT, GORE Wear® and Vaude, to interesting newcomers who are taking the cycling scene by storm.

In our online shop you will not only find MTB and road bike clothing, bike wear for recreational tours and excursions but also very casual clothes in which you won’t look like a professional road cyclist or trail rider when you are just leisure cycling through your neighborhood or commuting to work. Of course, Bike-Discount offers a huge selection both for male and female cyclists. Ride through spring, summer, autumn and winter with garments that fit perfectly, look good and keep you cool or warm thanks to modern fabrics and innovative technologies. Color, style and design vary from brand to brand and product line to product. Simply choose what you like and order your new bike clothing at excellent prices from Bike-Discount. We will make sure that it is delivered to your doorstep in no time!