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BLACKROLL® is dedicated to helping people of all ages, sports levels and lifestyles take their health, well-being and performance into their own hands every day. For an optimal balance between tension & relaxation and a pain-free life full of energy, mobility and sustainable performance.It all started in 2007 with the first fascia roller. Today, the Healthstyle Company offers a whole range of innovative products and solutions that convince experts in sports and health.


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Fascination Fascia

Then as now, the majority of BLACKROLL® solutions affect the fasciae and thus the entire body.
Fasciae are the largest sensory organ in humans with 6x as many nerve endings as in the muscles.They form a huge interconnected networkthat runs from the surface to the depths of the entire body, holding all the organs, muscles and bones - all the structures of the body - in place, enveloping and permeating them.Fasciae contain an extremely high number of receptors that pick up different information and transmit it to the central nervous system.Fasciae are said to have an emotional memory function. This means that they can store experiences. As a result, the fascia can shorten and stick together (due to stress, constant overload, one-sided movement), which can lead to a change in the tension conditions in the entire body.Stretching, movement and self-massage are necessary to maintain the function of the fasciae, loosen agglutinated tissue and consequently counteract pain and limited mobility.