SKS GERMANY – Ride on!

As a leading manufacturer of bike accessories, SKS GERMANY have been ensuring that wheels roll for almost 100 years. They breathe life into their slogan Ride on! Day after day SKS picks up speed and keeps on the road to success without detours. The internal design and product development teams create innovative solutions and fresh ideas, then they test on their abusive in-house testing machines and with a variety of true riding conditions with their test riders. Products are absolutely put through their paces to assure the best quality and function. The “Made in Germany“ label of quality reflects the high demands they place in quality, function and design.
High quality mini pumps, frame pumps, suspension pumps and floor pumps compliment the cult product; the RENNKOMPRESSOR. The pumps are characterized by comfortable features, smooth pumping performances and robust materials. SKS GERMANY has a global reputation for its innovative mudguards for all wheel and frame sizes. They provide optimal protection from dirt and splash water. In addition to compact bike tools, chainguards, bottles, bottle cages and bags, the new BIKE LIQUIDS have also been integrated in the SKS range in order to provide even greater biking comfort with additional accessories.

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