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Pirelli, the Italian tyre manufacturer best known from motorsport, is also a first-class producer of bicycle tyres. The range extends from the classic clincher, tubular and tubeless tyres of the Pirelli P ZERO series for road bikes to the Pirelli Cinturato tyres for gravel bikes and the Pirelli Scorpion collection for MTBs and e-MTBs. Pirelli road bike tyres, mountain bike tyres and gravel bike tyres are used by the world's top riders and are appreciated by professionals of all disciplines for their outstanding riding characteristics. Read more …

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Pirelli Velo Bike Tyres

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Pirelli Velo Road Bike Tyres

The P Zero line tyres produced in France can be distinguished by their colour coding, which is derived from Formula 1 and stands for the intended use. Silver, for example, stands for the versatile PZero Velo bicycle tyre for a wide range of applications in various weather conditions. Its tread pattern is derived from the "Diablo Supercorsa" tyre of the Motorcycle Sport Division. This tread pattern is deeper in the 4 Season all-weather PZero Velo 4S tyre, making it suitable for use in difficult conditions and lower temperatures. The Velo 4S can be recognised by the blue marking and, like the Pirelli PZero Velo, is available in 23mm, 25mm and 28mm widths. Informations for rim compatibility

The high speed PZero TT road tyre can be recognised by a red marking. The Pirelli TT is only available in 23mm (23c) and weighs around 165g. Available in 26, 28, 32 and 35 mm widths, the Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR is a tubeless ready tyre designed for secure protection, durability and comfort.

Pirelli Scorpion MTB Tyres

The Pirelli Scorpion™ MTB range was born from Pirelli's experience and know how in the world of off-road competitions. Rally and motocross are an integral part of our DNA and were the starting point for the research and development that culminated with the Scorpion™ MTB. The shape of the knobs was based on the experience and technology behind the Scorpion™ MX range, which has been used on every motocross and supercross race circuit in the world, winning more than 65 world titles.

The rubber compound used for the Scorpion™ MTB range is the product of intense research and development that succeeded in attaining absolute performance in both dry and wet conditions. Use of the exclusive SmartGRIP compound allowed the Pirelli specialists to optimise the design on the basis of the consistency of the terrain regardless of weather conditions, maximising the performance of the various knob shapes used for the Scorpion™ MTB range, for truly uncompromising performance. Choosing the tread that best suits the terrain on which the mountain bike will be used allows one to enjoy absolute performance, in both wet and dry conditions. With the Pirelli Scorpion™ MTB range changing tyres on the basis of weather conditions is no longer necessary, one need only focus on the typical consistency of the terrain.

Hard Terrain

The Scorpion™ MTB Hard Terrain range was specifically designed for compact, hard terrain. When riding in these conditions, it is important to have excellent feeling when cornering and an excellent contact area without sacrificing smoothness. The result is a packed design with a low tread—whose pattern guarantees excellent contact by adapting to the terrain rather than penetrating it, be it dry or wet—perfect for riding at high speeds with a great sense of security.

Mixed Terrain

The Scorpion™ MTB Mixed Terrain range offers the right balance between aggressive and smooth riding to face any terrain of variable consistency. A tyre that combines different features, with a spacing of the knobs and a design that's perfect for mixed conditions, like undergrowth and dirt roads, whether dry or wet.

Soft Terrain

The Scorpion™ MTB Soft Terrain range was specifically designed for soft and inconsistent terrain. Riding on this type of terrain calls for an aggressive tread capable of penetrating and offering traction and excellent grip when cornering, without sacrificing smoothness. These features are provided by an aggressive design with deep knobs that are widely spaced and a rubber compound that offers elevated grip in dry and wet conditions, without deformities that would impact smoothness.

Rear Specific

The Scorpion™ MTB Rear Specific range was specifically designed for the rear wheel. It's a product that was optimised to offer uncompromising performance when riding and braking as well as special control over the rear axle when corning, besides greater resistance to wear compared to generic models. The size and spacing of the knobs follows the design developed for the Mixed Terrain model, making it a perfect tyre for mixed terrain and variable conditions, be they dry or wet.

Smartgrip Compound

Intense research and development culminated in the creation of SmartGRIP compound, an innovative cutting-edge rubber compound. This high-tech rubber compound is the product of experience gleaned from the off-road racing circuits served by Pirelli all over the world, both for 2 and 4 wheels. A mix that offers absolute grip, durability and smoothness. Use of the SmartGRIP compound creates tyres with exceptional performance on both wet and dry terrain. It's finally no longer necessary to select a different tread in the event of poor weather. The use of such advanced technology allows for the development of tyres from a single rubber compound, as is normally the case with all Pirelli racing tyres developed for the most demanding motorsport championships.


The models and sizes of the Scorpion™ MTB range dedicated to competitions are also available in the LITE version: a carcass of reduced weight to highlight riding performance and smoothness. Compared to the standard version, the LITE version uses a softer and more lightweight structure, offering maximum speed and reduced weight as it accompanies athletes to victory on the race track. Scorpion™ MTB LITE models are designed for competitions, or for lightweight riders who have a particularly precise and judicious riding style.