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An ABUS lock provides the necessary safety for your bike

As one of the leading security technology companies, ABUS has been setting the quality standards in the field of bicycle safety for many years. The German company has in fact been so successful that the name ABUS will immediately spring to the mind of most cyclists when they think about buying a secure bike lock. Sometimes, the good reputation of Abus locks is enough to deter potential thieves. But you don‘t need to rely on that, of course. Just buy an ABUS lock of the highest security level and you will be able to relax and enjoy your break knowing that your bike is well protected.

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ABUS Level System

Bicycle locks can have very different requirements. The two main aspects are the bike and the location where you want to lock it. But also the weight of the lock plays a role – a lock on the road must not be too heavy, unlike a lock for home. The ABUS Level System is a transparent system that reflects the security level of the lock. The scale – shown as a speedometer — reaches up to level 15 for bicycle locks, making it easier to find the right lock for you and your bike!