Tubolito inner tubes – smaller, lighter and more robust

With the use of high-tech materials and a patented manufacturing process, Tubolito, a young company from Vienna, has been revolutionising the market for bicycle inner tubes for years. The extremely lightweight yet durable inner tubes from tubolito are seamlessly manufactured from a thermoplastic elastomer and not only offer a great weight saving of up to 65 percent compared to conventional bicycle inner tubes, they are also characterised by their robustness and low packing volume – ideal prerequisites, therefore, for weight tuning or use as a replacement inner tube. What's more, the lightweight tubes for road bikes and mountain bikes from tubolito are a real alternative to converting to tubeless tyres thanks to their outstanding riding characteristics.


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The perfect innertube – street, trail or city.

Lightness: Comared to a standard tube, you can save up to 65% weight by using a Tubolito tube. 

Robustness: Tubolito is combining a high-tech material with a newly developed patented production technology. This gives us a unique, high quality product. Testriders enjoy this new possiblity of weight tuning and increase of robustness at the same time. Tubolito tubes are 2 times tougher at puncture testing than standard butyl rubber tubes.