SIDI – a passion for cycling footwear

SIDI occupies a special place in the world of cycling. And very often this place is the one on top of the podium! The feet of many winners in professional cycling are dressed in shoes from SIDI. One of the main reasons why numerous top athletes choose to wear the excellent products of the Italian premium brand is the fact that they feature the perfect combination of efficiency, functionality and fit. This quality is, of course, the result of decades of intense research and development. You can already feel it once you hold a SIDI cycling shoe in your hands and even more so when you put it on. It’s noticeable in every detail: SIDI shoes are ergonomically designed from the upper material and closure to the sole which makes them top-class bike shoes for all passionate cyclists. Read more ...

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SIDI: Pro level experience and expertise

Professional experience and a lifelong passion for cycling – that’s what characterizes the history of the Italian premium brand. It was founded in 1960 and has been producing cycling footwear since 1970. When it comes to sporting successes, only few can look back on such a glorious past as SIDI. For their products, the master shoemakers from the province of Treviso, Italy, rely on highest quality, perfect power transmission and longevity. Members of all kinds of professional road cycling and mountain biking teams swear by SIDI and help to make the cycling shoes even better than they already are.

Made in Europe

Unlike most European sports brands, which develop and design their products on the continent but then have them produced in Asia, SIDI continues to manufacture in Europe. And not just the top-of-the-line models or the shoes used by the pro riders but all of them – even the entry-level models – are produced locally in Italy under transparent working conditions. With their SIDI GREEN program, the manufacturer has also committed to constantly reducing the negative environmental impact of their shoe production. Among other things, SIDI uses environmentally friendly materials and substances and generally attaches great importance to recycling.

SIDI cycling shoes for mountain bike and road bike

But SIDI is not only convincing in terms of production conditions and environmental awareness. With the countless adjustment options, their premium cycling shoes can be adapted to any individual requirement. From the Tour de France to the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta a España to the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships - SIDI's cycling shoes have brought their wearers all the way to the winner's podium in both road and MTB competitions. We don't know if you are aiming for similar successes, but we can assure you of one thing: Sidi's shoes will be a faithful companion to you, too, because you can definitely rely on SIDI’s quality and expertise.

With their ultralight, multisectional MTB-SRS carbon sole, the top-of-the-line models of Sidi‘s MTB collection represent the ideal combination of excellent power transmission and outstanding performance in passages where you have to shoulder or push the bike. The exceptional durability of the upper material, a robust and easy-care microfibre, the reinforced heel caps with adjustable width for an enormously secure hold, the also adjustable Soft Instep3 band on both sides for a perfect fit, and the Tecno 3 mechanism, a twist lock with which the shoe can be "laced" precisely and adapted to the shape of the foot, all add to this. So much quality and ingenious technology for performance and wearing comfort come at a cost, of course. If you are satisfied with a little less carbon and microfine foot adjustment, you should maybe opt for one of SIDI's solid entry-level products. The MTB Traze offers everything a hobby athlete needs on the bike. The same is true for the SIDI MTB Eagle. Both are considered all-round shoes with a very good power transmission. The carbon-reinforced nylon sole, with its additional plastic inserts, provides a safe foothold when walking off-road. For particularly soft ground, the Eagle can be retrofitted with two additional spikes at the front. In addition to the reinforced heel cap and the Soft Instep 2 band, a closure system consisting of a finely adjustable ratchet closure (Caliper Buckle) and a securely fastening Velcro closure (High Security Velcro) provide a firm fit on the foot.

The most popular SIDI road shoe models are the SIDI Wire and the SIDI Shot. The high-quality upper material as well as the comfort and closure technology with reinforced and adjustable heel cap, Tecno 3 and Stoft Instep 3, ensure excellent wearing comfort. The Wire features an ultra-light Vent Carbon Sole with closable vents, which does not just allow for a versatile climate management, but also provides high stiffness over the entire sole with minimal flexibility at the tip of the foot thanks to the hand-made, braided carbon fibre. This ensures optimum power transmission to the pedals and at the same time ensures that the foot is pleasantly relieved in the front area. It doesn't have to be a top-of-the-line model if you are looking for perfectly satisfying shoes. The entry-level SIDI Alba also offers great riding comfort and comes with an excellent material, closure and comfort package for this price class, completed by a carbon-reinforced nylon sole perfectly matching the road-specific requirements.

Durable quality

SIDI shoes may cost a little more than competing products, but the high quality construction and workmanship make them extremely durable. What's more, anything which is subject to wear and tear can be easily replaced, so you can enjoy your shoes for many years to come. The spare parts for your SIDI road and mountain bike shoes can be found in our accessories category. SIDI has long since been making an exemplary contribution to the increasingly important issue of sustainability as you don’t have to replace the shoes in case of simple signs of wear. And if you are so enthusiastic about the SIDI cycling shoes that you would like to try out the rest of the SIDI cycling clothing line, you will find what you are looking for in our shop, too.

Size information for SIDI cycling shoes

As with most Italian shoe brands, you should be aware that SIDI shoes fit rather small. Only by choosing the right size, which might be one taller than usual, you will benefit from the superior quality and features of these premium cycling shoes.