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ergotec, a brand that has been in existence since 2009, belongs to the long-established Humpert company from Wickede, Germany, and focuses on ergonomic bicycle components from handlebars to pedals. In order to offer cyclists maximum comfort and prevent back or neck pain, ergotec is constantly coming up with innovations that make the handlebars, stems or seat posts particularly comfortable to use. When it comes to component safety, ergotech also excels with own ideas: all bike parts have to undergo demanding long-term tests and are assigned a safety level according to the ergotec safety scale. Learn more about ergotec's safety scale ...


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What is the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL?

ergotec SAFETY LEVEL is a safety classification for steering systems and seatposts on bicycles. ergotec products have a SAFETY LEVEL of 1 to 6. The higher the level, the greater the safety.

Safety Level Table

Click here to download a PDF of the Safety Level table.

How is the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL awarded?

All handlebars and stems are subjected to hard long-term testing individually and in combination. The same applies for seatposts. This testing is carried out in accordance with European testing standards or even higher demands. No other European bicycle handlebar manufacturer has such a large test centre like ergotec.

Why does the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL make a distinction between the different types of bicycle?

A mountain bike is subject to far higher stresses than a city bike, an e-bike is significantly heavier than a trekking bike. The demands which exist with respect to safety are correspondingly different. This is also reflected in the standard requirements that are defined for each type of bike.
The product classification of the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL corresponds to the DIN EN ISO 4210 standard for bikes and DIN EN 15194 for e-bikes.

Why does the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL differentiate between steering system and seatpost?

The entire mass that is being moved exerts force on the steering system (bike, person, luggage). That is why the SAFETY LEVEL needs to take the entire weight into consideration. In the case of the seatpost, it is only the weight of the rider (+backpack) that is exerted, that is why a different SAFETY LEVEL is calculated for the seatpost.

Why does the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL asks for the rider's weight?

The higher the weight, the greater the forces that are exerted onto the bike. The largest weight is the body weight (compared to the bike and luggage). That is why the bike's safety is always an individually influenced factor and a very personal responsibility.