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ABUS has been synonymous with security and protection for over 80 years now. When cyclists think of ABUS, they tend to immediately associate the brand with bicycle locks that reliably prevent bike thefts. However, the excellent helmets for road cyclists, mountain bikers, city riders or particularly for children also enjoy great popularity – and rightly so! Abus‘ protective technologies ensure a lot of safety on the bike for both experienced and amateur riders. Bike safety is constantly increased by continuous research and the development of new materials and construction methods regarding the German manufacturer's U-locks, folding locks, chain locks, cable locks and frame locks.

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ABUS Level System

Bicycle locks can have very different requirements. The two main aspects are the bike and the location where you want to lock it. But also the weight of the lock plays a role – a lock on the road must not be too heavy, unlike a lock for home. The ABUS Level System is a transparent system that reflects the security level of the lock. The scale – shown as a speedometer — reaches up to level 15 for bicycle locks, making it easier to find the right lock for you and your bike!