Selle San Marco – saddles, bar tapes and grips with style and tradition

Since its foundation in 1935, Selle San Marco has been known for excellent design and highest quality. Thanks to the craftsmanship reflected in every single saddle from the very beginning, the company soon became one of the hallmarks of the Made in Italy brand. The final breakthrough on the road bike market came in the late 1970s when the peloton started to appreciate the quality of the newly developed Selle San Marco saddles. Since then, the Italian company's products have contributed to numerous victories in the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España, as well as in World Championships, spring classics and other single-day races. But the quality manufacturer and its users, both male and female, have also been successful in the MTB sector for quite some time. The legacy of style and technology that goes hand in hand with this glorious company history is still being carefully guarded from the Selle San Marco headquarters in Rossano Veneto with a great deal of expertise and passion for cycling. Learn more about the saddles and the philosophy of Selle San Marco ...

Selle San Marco

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Selle San Marco – a heritage of inventiveness

Although the saddles – Italian: selle – are already in the name of Selle San Marco, the range is by no means limited to them. In addition to the famous saddles for men and women, the portfolio also includes grips, bar tape and other useful cycling accessories. In general, the company has specialised in creating highly recognisable products from high-quality materials using either extremely innovative or very traditional methods. Anyone who has ever owned a Selle San Marco Concor Supercorsa saddle knows immediately what this translates to. The design has not only proven to be groundbreaking in terms of ergonomics, but the whole saddle simply radiates class and beauty. These are genuine design classics, and due to their immense practical value, they are still very popular today – whether as vintage or retro item in the rediscovered original design or as high-performance saddles with a name steeped in history.

The right saddle? Selle San Marco has it!

The fact that Selle San Marco continues to succeed in developing saddles loved by road cyclists, mountain bikers, gravel bikers and passionate cyclists in general is not only due to decades of experience, but also to the willingness to constantly reinvent the cycling experience and this extremely important contact point between rider and bike. The manufacturer from the Veneto region has been particularly outstanding in terms of saddle configuration. Selle San Marco identified the morphology of the contact points, the leg muscles, the sitting posture and the flexibility of the pelvis as key factors on the side of the rider. On the saddle side these were the saddle size (for example wide or narrow), the possibility of a central recess for pressure relief in the perineal area (full-fit or open-fit) and the padding.

This list alone shows that choosing the right saddle may be a complex matter, but anything but a hopeless undertaking. And at Selle San Marco they have always been convinced that they can offer the right solution to every user, i.e. the perfect saddle, which allows you to ride without any negative physical consequences but also to achieve maximum performance and which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design. To meet this goal, Selle San Marco uses a wide range of materials - from carbon and plastic to microfibre and leather. Whichever saddle you choose, with a product from Selle San Marco you are always on the safe side in terms of design as well as performance.