Cane Creek – new solutions for old bike problems

Cane Creek is much more than just the company behind the invention of the revolutionary Aheadset. The North Carolina-based component manufacturer is one of the bicycle industry's leading innovators and has earned the loyalty of its customers as well as the respect of its competitors over the last few decades with its outstanding seat posts, headsets, shocks, brakes and spare parts for mountain and road bikes. Whether it is a matter of establishing new high quality products or optimizing existing solutions in the brake or bearing sector: Cane Creek always surprises with approaches and products that quickly become the industry standard. Learn more about the beginnings, the history and the products of Cane Creek ...

Cane Creek

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Cane Creek – how it all began

Cane Creek is a creation of the early 1990s. Although the company is named after its location, the Cane Creek Valley in North Carolina, its roots lie in the Far East. In 1974, the Japanese bicycle component manufacturer Dia-Compe set up its US headquarters in the Cane Creek Valley. At that time, no one had any idea that this would lead to an independent company and groundbreaking developments in the construction of components. Back then, the focus of production was on good, conservative bicycle brakes. However, in the late 1980s the company began to expand its product range and in 1989 took over the production and distribution of the RockShox® RS1 - the first widely used suspension fork in the world.

Introducing the Aheadset

The following year, after a chance meeting with the inventor John Rader at the first MTB world championship in Durango, Dia-Compe obtained a patent for the production of threadless headsets. The company's engineers started a collaboration with Rader to refine this radically new product. In 1992, a group of far-sighted employees of Dia-Compe USA bought their company and its headquarters in Asheville from the Japanese parent organization. In 1992, a group of far-sighted employees of Dia-Compe USA bought their company as well as its headquarters in Asheville from the Japanese parent organization, and Dia-Compe USA was reborn as Cane Creek Cycling Components. From the very beginning, the new company followed the approach of not only recognizing trends at an early stage, but being the originator of the corresponding developments itself. And to prove to the entire cycling world that this was not just a marketing slogan, based on John Rader's idea, Cane Creek soon introduced the AheadSet® - the mother of all threadless headsets. This also paved the way for a revolutionary redesign of frames, forks and stems.

Cane Creek highlights

Over the years, Cane Creek's enthusiasm for great cycling products has led to a multitude of groundbreaking innovations – from the development of the Speed Check disc brake system; to the original Thudbuster suspension seatpost; to the best-in-class 110 headset; to the game-changing rear suspension technology of the Double Barrel; and on to the hard-charging HELM Suspension fork. Cane Creek has always developed premium components for many types of bikes and all types of cyclists. To this day, the US-American company continues to inspire the bicycle industry with great ideas and their implementation.