Cruzee – balance bikes for little world explorers

With a Cruzee bike, small children will become mobile at an amazingly early age and lay the foundation for a positive exercise behaviour in the years to come. But Cruzee balance bikes are not only good for their health. First and foremost, Cruzee bicycles provide lots of fun and enjoyment for the little ones and their parents.

What sets them apart from many competing products is their low weight combined with a safe and stable construction. This makes it all the easier for the little ones to use the bike and the older ones can carry it without any problems should the child lose the desire to ride on. The attractive and well-conceived design of Cruzee‘s bikes for children is another obvious feature. Thanks to the two seat posts there is plenty of room for adjustment. This way, the bike will literally grow with your offspring. And what’s best: Cruzee's children's bikes prove time and again that such an impressive level of functionality and quality doesn't have to be expensive.


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