Bikepacking – Explore the world. On your bike.

If you’re preparing for an extended bike trip, there’s nothing more important than the right equipment. Whether you want to use an MTB, a gravel bike or a classic 650b randonneur, the most essential luggage should be as compact and light as possible. The bags can be attached either to the frame, the fork, the saddle, the seatpost, the handlebar, the pannier rack or a lowrider carrier. Just make sure to keep the whole package light and comfy enough for the off-road touring experiences which may lie ahead of you. Special bikepacking bags will help you by making optimum use of the limited space a bike has to offer and keep your belongings dry, safe and tidy. Once you’re well equipped and have found the right place for everything you‘ll definitely need, nothing should stop you from embarking on your cycling adventure.


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