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The tubeless evolution continues. Less air pressure increases the performance of the tyre in hard terrain ... but at the same time the risk of a rim damage increases. The limit so far is about 1.5 bar, below which you can hardly dare to ride normal mountain bike tires. But Schwalbe is very hard at ensuring that nothing stays as it was. The tyre specialists have developed a system so that the wheel can escape this fate.

In the future, air pressure in the tire can be controlled via double chambers. In the outer chamber, the air pressure is extremely low (0.8-1.5 bar) — ideal for maximum off-road performance. In the inner chamber, directly on the rim, there is high air pressure (4-6 bar) — even maximum loads cannot penetrate to the rim edge. At the same time, the inner high-pressure system secures the tyre on the rim. Burping, the dreaded loss of air at low pressure in conventional tubeless systems, is ruled out.


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