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E-MTBs – a completely new off-road experience

The e-mountain bike is an exciting expansion of what cycling has to offer. Higher, faster, farther – that’s what it’s all about with E-MTBs! A mountain bike that is equipped with an electric drive does simply have more power – the mature technology includes strong motors and long-lasting rechargeable batteries which ensure a new kind of mountain biking experience.

The components do, of course, keep pace with this development to meet the special requirements of an e-mountain bike. Thanks to the central positioning of motor and battery, the riding fun on the trail does not suffer at all. On the contrary, uphill sections are now characterized by joy and speed instead of fatigue – you will experience the so-called “Uphill Flow“! ➤ Learn more about E-MTBs!

Electronic accessories and special parts for your e-bike can be found here:

MTB Elettriche Easy Entry 58 cm

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