Lizard Skins – for more protection and fun on the bike

1993, when "world wide web" and "online shopping" still sounded like SciFi to most people's ears, was the year Lizard Skins saw the light of day. The idea behind this US company? To develop products that fulfil cyclists' wishes. From the well-known chainstay protectors and colourful lock-on grips to the ultra-light handlebar tape: Lizard Skins does everything to get the last bit out of every ride. At the same time, the Americans have always been committed to protecting not just the bike but also the rider. From a microenterprise that could manage with a single desk, the company has grown into a global company with its own production facility and become an established name in the bicycle industry, not least thanks to the internet and online business. Lizard Skins also sponsors such top athletes as Steve Peat, Bubba Harris and Aaron Chase.

Lizard Skins

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