GONSO – functional clothing for pleasure cyclists

Who introduced synthetic cycling shorts with seat pads to the German market? And who launched the first collection for recreational cyclists? GONSO – of course! The cycling bib and clothing fit experts from Germany have been specialising in functional bikewear since the 1980s and long since established themselves as one of the market’s major players. GONSO is not about higher, faster, farther but about having fun and enjoying your bike adventure. Learn more about GONSO here.


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GONSO: over 90 years of textile experience

It’s one of those stories only life can write which led to GONSO concentrating on today's core segment: functional cycling clothing. In 1979, a severe osteoarthritis forced Hans Gonser, the grandson of GONSO founder Johannes Gonser,to take a long health-related break. The passionate cyclist had to absolve his sessions on the home trainer, which quickly led to injuries that made continuing almost impossible. That's why he asked his team of developers to sew a piece of deerskin into his cycling shorts for a better protection of his buttocks.

At the same time, Hans Gonser noted that, while professional cyclists were equipped by their sponsors, there was not a single bikewear collection for recreational cyclists. He decided to change that, and in 1980 GONSO produced the first collection of functional cycling clothing in Germany, offering the first cycling shorts with synthetic seat padding. From here on, the success story of GONSO soon started to take off – first in Germany, then in Europe and finally in the world. Some big names of the international cycling community quickly helped the brand to achieve cult status – not only among cycling enthusiasts.

A special cut for every body

Knowing that every person is anatomically different, GONSO has always focused on one thing, especially with respect to bib shorts: the perfect fit for all body shapes and sizes. Well-fitting cycling shorts, where nothing pinches, rubs and squeezes, are undoubtedly one of the most important basic requirements for fun on the bike. Accordingly, unlike other manufacturers, GONSO develop their own pads instead of using off the peg ones. The patterns for all cycling legwear models are also developed in-house. The company’s own designer team analyses the body shapes and the wearing behaviour of Gonso customers in order to achieve a perfect combination of material, fit, function and design – always with the aim that every cyclist feels comfortable with his cycling shorts in every situation and that cycling is still a pleasure even after many miles and hours.

The fit specialist in the bike industry

GONSO. FITS. PERFECTLY. And fulfils all requirements in every situation and on all performance levels. Thanks to the ergonomic cuts in almost 40 different men's and women's sizes you will always find the perfect clothing for your cycling adventures. With GONSO you can be sure of the perfect fit.