Cube bikes 2023 - the right bike for every occasion

The bike industry does not only create mobility, it is itself in constant motion. And as Germany's leading bike brand, Cube is naturally at the forefront of trends and innovations. Year after year, the Bavarians manage to impress cyclists with mountain bikes that are simply fun to ride, gravel bikes for fast rides on rough surfaces, road bikes for speed junkies, children's bikes for exploring the world on wheels, trekking bikes for daily commuting, city bikes for everyday use in urban environments and fitness bikes for keeping in shape. Of course, in 2023 almost all bicycle types are also available as e-bikes with powerful drivetrains and attractive designs. Women and men, girls and boys as well as seniors - everyone will discover their personal favourite in the Cube range and be able to buy it in our shop. That's why we have compiled all 2023 Cube bicycles on this page. If you visit frequently, you will be able to follow how it gradually fills up with first-class bikes.

Cube Bikes 2023

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