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Sigma Sport
ID.TRI Set Triathlon Watch
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Sigma Sport
ID.TRI Set Triathlon Watch
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  • Descrizione

    Sigma Sport ID.TRI Set Triathlon Watch

    Are triathlons your passion? Then the Sigma iD.TRI is what you need! The iD.TRI combines a smart training system, competition planner, and simple operation to help in your path to success.

    With passion for success: with the ID.TRI from Sigma

    The iD.TRI comes with three pre-installed sport profiles, swimming, cycling, and running, which can be customized to your preferences. Plus an 4th OTH (other) profile can be customized so that any sport can be setup on the sport watch.

    Organize the disciplines as you want! With the iD.TRI you can select the order of the sports types, for example: swim, bike, run or run, bike, run, and the iD.TRI will also record your transition times during the competition. Under the menu item Competition, your times are saved so you can view your results any time and analyze them in the SIGMA Link app or in the SIGMA DATA CENTER.

    Variety of colors! Not only can you change the wrist straps with one click, you can also replace them with any 20 mm watch band. In addition, the iD.TRI has several watch face options. Choose from the analogue classic, the digital look or the race face.

    Features - Sigma ID.TRI

    • Personal views: In the SIGMA DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app you can create six training views with up to three values displayed on the iD.TRI. That way the most important data is always in view. In addition to the data fields, the watch also creates an altitude profile or shows you the current weather conditions.
    • Targeted training: Program your personal target zone (i.e. speed or heart rate) and the smart light will give you information about the current status at any time. This way, you are in complete control of your training.
    • Your best times: Your personal bests in each activity will be displayed when you finish your training session. If you set a new personal record, the iD.TRI will display the top numbers after your workout.
    • Workouts: The iD.TRI offers a variety of training, with some workouts already preprogrammed. The iD.TRI will also allow you to add up to 36 workouts that you can create with the SIGMA DATA CENTER software, the SIGMA LINK app, or downloaded from third-party providers.
    • Fit for .Fit formats: The ID.TRI saves the data in a .FIT format allowing you to easily send workouts to other applications such as TrainingPeaks and Strava. This also allows you to easily download workouts from TrainingPeaks and other third-party providers. Its as simple as drag and drop the workout to the iD.TRI watch. And the data uploads are just as easy, just drag and drop your activities in .FIT format to Strava and other applications.
    • Komoot-Navigation: With the iD.TRI you will always know where you are going! When paired with the komoot app, the iD.TRI can help you navigate your planned routes. With the route information displayed directly on the iD.TRI and the smart light for visual alerts, it allows your smart phone to stay in your pocket while you stay focused on your goal.
    • Track Navigation: The iD.TRI shows you where to go! Create a track, load it on the watch and start the adventure. Load your tracks on the GPS watch via the SIGMA DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app. In addition, you can mark individual POIs on your track, which will appear as a note on the display.
    • Competition planning: The iD.TRI competition planner has several popular events pre-programmed for you. Plus you can add custom distances for other events. Since you can select the order and length of each discipline, nothing stands in the way of your next duathlon, or triathlon.
    • Alerts: To make sure you stay hydrated and fueled, you can set an alarm to remind you to eat and drink based on distance or time in each of your sports profiles. Additionally, an individual alarm can be set, for example, to consume a gel pack every hour.
    • Analysis on the watch: On the iD.TRI you will find a summary of your saved training sessions and competitions. In addition, you will have a monthly overview for each sport profile.
    • 24/7: The iD.TRI is not only perfectly designed for triathlons and duathlons, but it also proves information to help with everyday life. It counts your steps, calories, and distance. It monitors your sleep phases as well as the duration of sleep at night so you have data about your recovery as well.
    • Flexible heart rate measurment: The high-quality PPG sensor makes it easy to measure heart rate on the wrist. For ECG-accurate heart rate measurement, you can also use a chest strap.
    • GPS measurment: GPS integration allows the iD.TRI to offer the highest accuracy with the lowest power consumption. Parameters such as speed and distance are recorded precisely and efficiently with GPS.
    • 3-Axis compass: With the integrated compass, you can accurately determine your current position. The compass works along side your GPS signal, so that the direction of movement is correctly aligned even when stationary or with a weak GPS signal. This allows you to orient yourself with the compass anywhere in the world.
    • Barometric altitud measurment: The altitude is precisely determined by barometric air pressure .The iD.TRI can measure the altitude as well as the temperature.
    • Acceleration sensor: The integrated acceleration sensor can measure your steps, distance, cadence, sleep phase, and swimming style. When you turn the GPS off, your speed and distance will be determined by the sensor.
    • External sensors: Do you need more data or higher accuracy for your values? Thanks to ANT+ and Bluetooth (BLE), external sensors for power, speed, heart rate, and cadence can be connected.
    • Connectivity: Thanks to Bluetooth Smart (BLE), ANT+, and USB interface, the iD.TRI can be paired with your smart phone, PC/MAC, external sensors, and 3rd party apps such as Komoot.
    • Smart Notification: The Smart Notification feature keeps you updated on incoming calls and messages from your phone via vibration and Smart Light.
    • Uncomplicated data exchange: The supplied charging clip can be connected to any USB connection for charging. This make data exchange and charging of the iD.TRI quite easy.
    • Watertight sport watch: The iD.TRI can be worn in any kind of water. Whether in a lake, ocean, or swimming pool, iD.TRI is watertight up to 5 ATM for all swim training and general use in wet conditions.
    • High resolution display: The display of the iD.TRI is easily read even in low light conditions. This is possible due to the high-resolution and high-contrast display with reflective properties. To help see the display in the dark, you can turn on the backlight.


    Smart trainings system
    Keep it simple but smart. The iD.TRI measures relevant information for triathletes without overwhelming the user with unnecessary data. Easily create workouts, navigate new training routes, and analyze your data to get more out of your training. All of this makes the iD.TRI the ideal sports watch for triathletes, from beginner to professional.

    Customized competitionplanning
    The iD.TRI provides all you need before and during your competition. Plan out all the parameters of your training to help beat the competition. Take advantage of the simple operation of the iD.TRI to propel yourself to the head of the pack.

    Simple use
    The iD.TRI scores points with its simple and intuitive operation. Thanks to the four buttons and the simple menu navigation, you can quickly find your way around this triathlon watch and, in a few steps, you are exactly where you want to be. The watch also includes secondary indicators of Smart Light and gentle vibration on the wrist.

    Sporty design
    The iD.TRI has a sleek, fresh design and low weight. The comfortable silicone wrist strap is available in four colors and can easily be changed via the quick release pin. The iD.TRI's high-resolution display is readable even in low-light conditions, so you do not have to compromise design for functionality.

    Crash Alert
    Safety first! The iDTRI can automatically detect a fall and will give you 30 seconds to confirm that you are okay. If you are unable, iD.TRI will notify your emergency contacts by SMS that you have fallen. The iD.TRI will also display your important health data as well as your current GPS location.

    Smart Light
    The iD.TRI's smart light is an innovative way to provide visual cues. The smart light can indicate an upcoming turn so you don't have to constantly look at the display. In addition, the smart light illuminates with smart notifications and displays whether you are in your designated target zone.

    Snapon Bike Mount
    The iD.TRI is equipped for all your activities. When cycling, you can wear it on your wrist or attach it to your handlebar with the included SnapOn bike mount. In addition, the iD.TRI is compatible with our BUTLER III GPS as well as third-party mounting systems*. The iD.TRI can be quickly attached or removed with just one movement of the hand, which saves valuable time in competitions.*K-Edge

    Product features

    Heart Rate Functions
    • % of the HRmax
    • % of the training time in the target zone
    • Average heart rate
    • Average heart rate per lap
    • Calorie counter
    • Calories per lap
    • Heart rate
    • Intensity zones
    • Maximum heart rate
    • Maximum heart rate per lap
    • Preset training effect zones
    • Target zone with zone indicator
    • Time in target zone
    • Zone alarm
    • Average speed
    • Average speed per lap
    • Current speed
    • Lap distance
    • Maximum speed
    • Total distance
    GPS/Navigation Functions
    • Komoot navigation
    • Preloading of satellite data for quick start of training
    • Route navigation
    Time Functions
    • Alarm clock
    • Clock
    • Current lap time
    • Date
    • Last lap time
    • Stop watch with display down to one tenth of a second
    • Training time
    • Cadence
    • Watt measurement - (Compatible watt meter required)
    Swimming Functions
    • Number of lanes / Distance
    • Number of strokes per lane
    • Swimming style
    Running Functions
    • Average step frequency
    • Current step frequency
    • Step length
    • Step rate
    Activity Tracking
    • Activity tracking calories
    • Activity tracking distance
    • Activity tracking steps
    • Defined interim targets (bronze / silver / gold)
    • Individual daily target (steps)
    • Sleep phase detection
    • Sleep tracking
    • Compatible with the SIGMA LINK app via Bluetooth
    • Crash alert
    • Smart notifications
    • USB data transmission to the DATA CENTER
    Device Properties
    • Heart rate transmission as precise as an ECG
    • Auto Pause
    • Automatic lap counter function
    • Backlit display
    • Button lock
    • Full text display with 8 available languages
    • Lap counter
    • Mineral glass
    • Monthly workout statistics
    • Personal best
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Silicone wrist strap
    • 4 Sport profiles
    • Summary after training
    • Vibrating alarm
    • Wrist-based heart rate
    • ANT+
    • Adjustable training views
    • Barometric altitude measurement
    • Bluetooth Smart
    • Competition mode / Planner
    • Digital three-axis compass
    • GPS
    • Smart light
    • Water resistance: 5 ATM
    • Workouts
    Battery Runtimes
    • Training with GPS Normal + heart rate + sensors: up to 8 hours
    • Training with GPS ECO + heart rate + sensors: up to 12 hours
    • Activity Tracking: up to 10 days
    • Actvity tracking + heart rate: up to 4 days
    • Activity Tracking OFF: up to 14 days


    • black

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Sigma ID.TRI Multisport Watch
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x SnapOn Bike Mount
    • 1 x R2 DUO Combo
    • 1 x R1 DUO COMFORTEX+

    SIGMA SPORT // iD.TRI // Hard Facts

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