AeroComfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA Transport Case
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AeroComfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA Transport Case
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  • Descrizione

    Scicon AeroComfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA Transport Case

    The AeroComfort 3.0 is the perfect solution for cyclists wishing to protect their precious load when travelling by plane but don´t want to use a hard case, which can (for example) be difficult to fit inside small cars.
    The AeroComfort 3.0 offers the flexibility and lightness of soft bags, combined with stability and safety of a hard case. It comes with the Antishock Bike Fram which protects all critical parts from impacts and vibrations and it has the ISS (Inside Stabilizier System). AeroComfort 3.0 has been carefully designed around the bikes geometry: you don´t even need to remove the handlebars.

    Your bike can be stowed very easily; you just have to store the wheels in the individual padded wheel compartments with external lateral shield cups. Many teams prefer this solution because it´s easy to store bikes in the truck while still guaranteeing great bike protection.


    Hi-speed Packing
    • The clever design of the SCICON AeroComfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA bike travel bag takes the stress out of dismantling and reassembling your bike, because it allows the bike to remain almost fully intact. There is no need to tamper with the complicated internal wiring of your bike anymore. You don’t even have to take off the pedals. Ready to fly or ready to race in minutes
    No need to Remove Handlebars
    • Minimal disassembly of your bike. All that you need to remove are the bike’s wheels. Complementing a good bike fit, you don’t even have to remove the handlebars or seat post.
    Thru Axle Compatible
    • The multi-axle system allows transportation of bikes with quick release and 12mm thru axle skewers. By default compatible with Thru Axle skewers, the bag includes four Thru Axle to Quick release adapters to cater for all needs.
    • Light as a feather. With a shear 8kg of weight, the AeroComfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA bike travel bag allows you to stay below the maximum allowance of most airlines, saving you additional fees every time you fly.
    Better Mobility
    • Providing better mobility, the SCICON Twin Wheel System features eight precision ball bearing wheels which rotate 360°, keeping your bike travel bag upright and maneuverable whatever the terrain. Developed with Tente, the SCICON Multi-wheel System comes with increased rolling performance and reduced attrition for long-lasting use.
    Travel Sentry® Approved
    • A TSA padlock ensures the safety of the bike as well as access to the bike travel bag to customs authorities in the USA, Canada and many other international airports.

    Product features

    • Bike Compability: Triathlon
    • Material: SCICON D-TEX860™
    • Main Features: Included Antishock Bike Frame, ISS system, no need to remove the handlebars
    • Fastening: Self-healing heavy duty 9mm zips
    • External Dimensions: 129 x 98 x 45 cm
    • Folded Dimensions: 80 x 90 x 23 cm


    • 8 kg (Manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • AeroComfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA transport case
    • Monday "Frame Defender"
    • Storage Bag "Storage Bag"
    • Storage Bag "Gear Bag"
    • Upholstery elements for frame and handlebars
    • Protective frame for derailleur
    • Installation widths adapter
    • Quick release adapter
    • Quick clamping bolt
    • TSA lock
    • Belts

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