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2INPower DM Road Powermeter 172.5mm + noQ 53/39
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2INPower DM Road Powermeter 172.5mm + noQ 53/39
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colore: matte black
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  • Descrizione

    Rotor 2INPower DM Road Powermeter 172.5mm + noQ 53/39 Guarniture

    The two-sided Rotor 2INPower Powermeter with integrated power measurement in the axis and in the right crank arm, will improve your training in quality and experience. The 2INpower measures the power of each leg individually. This provides accurate data on balance, performance and potential to improve pedalling performance.

    Scope of delivery - 2INPower DM Road Powermeter 172.5mm + noQ 53/39

    • 2INpower Powermeter Road Direct Mount Crank
    • Road Double Chainring noQ-Rings Direct Mount Spidering
    • Charger
    Bottom Bracket is not included!

    2INpower Powermeter Road Direct Mount Crank

    The power measurement of the left leg is typically measured INpower in the axis, via two pairs of strain gauges. These strain gauges are arranged in opposite directions and therefore calibration is not necessary in case of temperature fluctuations. Two pairs of additional strain gauges are placed in the right crank arm, which only measure the performance of the right leg. Thus, independent or combined step analyses can be performed using Optimum Chainring Angle(OCA) and Torque360 metrics with the free user software. The 2INpower Direct Mount is only compatible with ALDHU chainrings.


    • Independent left/right measurement
    • Protected electronics in the axle and right crank arm
    • Waterproof due to magnetic charging connection
    • Bluetooth® Smart and ANT+™ transmission standards - and therefore compatible with almost all common bike computers
    • Compatible with free ROTOR analysis software (Windows, OS X, iOS and Android)
    • Compatible with ROTOR OCP Direct Mount chainrings ALDHU

    Product features

    • Use: Road
    • Model: 2INpower Road
    • Mounting: Direct Mount
    • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
    • Working time: 250 Hours
    • Wireless technology: ANT+™, Bluetooth® Smart
    • BCD: 110mm
    • Axle: 30mm
    • Q-Faktor: 147,5mm
    • Chain line: 43,5mm
    • Measurement Type: Left and right
    • OCA: Yes
    • Compatibility Bottom Bracket: BB30 / PF30 / PF30 BBright / BB386 / BSA / ITA / BB86

    Crankarm Length

    • 172.5mm


    • 6082/7075 aluminum alloy


    • matte black


    • 596g / 170mm (Manufacturer information)

    Double Chainring noQ-Rings

    Introducing the new Round Direct Mount Chainrings. The Direct Mount is CNC’d from a block of 7075 aluminum to save more than 30 g over a standard chainring combo which, together with ALDHU crank arms, becomes ROTOR’s lightest crankset ever.

    Product features

    • Material: CNC machined 7075 Aluminium
    • Mounting: Direct Mount
    • Compatibility: 9-/10-/11-speed
    • Size: 53/39


    • black


    • 168g (52/36)


    Dual-sided power meter that measures power independently in each leg and accurately assesses force variations throughout a pedal stroke. Proprietary metrics TORQUE 360 and Optimum Chainring Angle combine with ANT+™ and Bluetooth® Smart protocol metrics including cadence, balance, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness to provide precise data about your power output. 2INpower’s rechargeable battery can last up to 250 hours and can be charged 300 times throughout its lifetime.

    Alu CNC
    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining provides a precise and consistent manufacturing process. This is especially important when it comes to crafting bike components in order to ensure flawless funcionality with respect to all the parts working together. Equipped with the latest CNC resources, ROTOR parts are precisely machined to within a hundredth of a millimeter.

    OCA stands for Optimum Chainring Angle and is one of the proprietary metrics offered by ROTOR INpower and 2INpower. OCA is closely linked to ROTOR Q rings, as it helps to find the proper chainring setup. OCA determines the angle in degrees, measured from the upper dead spot (with the cranks perpendicular to the floor) in which the effort barycenter (area enclosed by the torque/force curve) is shown in the TORQUE 360 graph.


    Optimum Chainring Position (OCP) represents the different setup positions that ROTOR Q rings offer to fit a rider’s distinct pedaling style. Q rings feature up to 5 OCP´s, with OCP 3 as an intermediate starting point, all to optimize your pedaling style. You can determine your OCP if you know your Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA), which can be found by conducting a TORQUE 360 pedal analysis via ROTOR´s 2INpower and INpower User Software.

    ROTOR´s CNC-machined cranks feature our Trinity Drilling System, which is a process that drills three full-depth holes along the axis of the crank. This allows us to remove excess material from the crank arm resulting in a lighter crank without compromising its exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio.

    ROTOR presents 2INPower

    ROTOR INpower Explained. Tech info and features

    INpower Features: Integrated electronics inside the bottom bracket

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