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N380 CVP Disc Drivetrain 36-hole
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NuVinci N380 CVP Disc Drivetrain 36-hole acquista online Immagine 1
NuVinci N380 CVP Disc Drivetrain 36-hole acquista online Immagine 2
N380 CVP Disc Drivetrain 36-hole
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  • Descrizione

    NuVinci N380 CVP Disc Drivetrain 36-hole

    The NuVinci Optimized technology is a continuously variable planetary (CVP) drivetrain offering an infinite number of ratios inside its wide 380 % ratio range. It is especially suitable for the high torques of an eBike with 350W and can be combined with belt drives (Bulk packaging).
    Ratio changes occur within the hub smoothly via internals that are sealed for life and maintenance-free. Ratio changes can be made even while pedaling under high torque.

    Features - N380 Disc CVP Drivetrain 36-hole

    • World´s smoothest, easiest shifting drivetrain
    • Seamless shifting over "Infinite ratios" within its wide 380% range
    • No gaps, no steps, no hesitations, no power interruption
    • No missed gears, no dropped chains, no noise
    • No adjustments, maintenance-free hub
    • Nfinity 380 systems are compatible with mid-motor eBike systems rated at 350W

    Product features

    • Use: City, Touring/Trekking, E-Bike
    • Group: Nfinity N380
    • Number of holes: 36
    • Gear ratio total: 380%
    • Brake Type: Disc brake (Disc 6-hole)
    • Dropout: 10x135mm
    • Flange diameter: 125mm
    • Mounting: Axle incl. M10 Nuts
    • Axle Length: 183mm
    • Max. Total weight: 180kg
    • Max. Continuous torque: 75Nm
    • Maximum power: 350W
    • Freewheel: 3-clutch freewheel


    • Aluminum


    • black


    • approx 2500g

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 N380 Disc CVP Drivetrain 36-hole (Bulk packaging)
    Small Parts Set, Controller (Shifter), Shifter Cables Set, 380 Hub Interface and Sprocket not included!

    How Do enviolo's Stepless Products Work

    Gears to Spheres - The NuVinci® Revolution

    Modello: 2017
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