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Evolution E.30 29" Boost Rear Wheel
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Evolution E.30 29" Boost Rear Wheel
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  • Descrizione

    Newmen Evolution E.30 29" Boost Rear Wheel

    The 30 mm inner rim width from the Newmen Evolution E.30 is a perfect balance of width and weight. This wheel has been developed specifically for use with modern E-mtbs. All components are reinforced and adapted to the higher stress.

    Pure E-MTB all mountain fun: the E.30 Evolution from Newmen

    The rims allow for very low pressures and make your ride noticeably more comfortable and safe. In combination with our E-Lution hubs and Sapim Strong spokes you are prepared for anything awaiting you and your E-MTB.

    The rim has an all around increased wall thickness leading to 40% increase in dent resistance compared to our already dent resistant A.30 rims. The hubs are built around larger diameter ball bearings and feature reinforced spoke holes which are ready for use with 2.3-2.0 spokes. The NEWMEN E-Lution driver is the largest and probably also the most durable ratchet system on the market.

    Features - E.30 Evolution 29" Boost Rearwheel

    • Highend E-MTB aluminium wheelset for riders who want the benefits of wide rims
    • 30mm inner width allow for low pressures and due to the high dent resistance it is even suitable for enduro riders in search of a very light wheelset
    • Revised version with increased user-friendliness - hub play adjustment no longer required
    • All the hubs and wheels are handbuilt in Germany

    Product features

    • Use: E-MTB
    • Size: 29"
    • Tubeless Ready: yes
    • Diameter: 622mm
    • Rim width inner: 30mm
    • Hub: Straightpull
    • Axle standard: 12x148mm
    • Drilling: 28
    • Disc standard: 6 Hole
    • Spokes: Sapim D-Light
    • Lacing: 3-cross
    • Max. System weight: 180kg (body weight + bike + equipment)

    Compatibility (choose variant)

    • Sram XD Freehub
    • Shimano Freehub


    • Hub: Aluminium 7075
    • Rim: Aluminium


    • black


    • 1090g (Manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x E.30 Evolution 29" Boost Rearwheel


    The MG-Washer
    One of the weak points on rims - whether aluminium or carbon - are the nipples holes in the rim. If you look at the contact surface of the nipple on the rim, it is easy to understand that these holes are a weak point. At this small supporting surface, all forces are pulled over spoke and nipple (maximum value approx. 300 kg). It is easy to imagine what will happen sooner or later: the rim will crack at precisely these points. Looking at the different solutions of the different rim and wheel manufacturers, however, one quickly realizes that there are many different approaches to solve this problem. This "problem area" didn't let us rest on our laurels either, because all existing solutions couldn't completely convince us.

    The rim profile
    We had to dig deep into the box of tricks to get our rims so light and yet so stable...... but we are sure that it was worth it!
    In sum, that means....
    • optimised rim profile without edges and corners
    • flared rim flanges with optimized flange height and wall thickness
    • Rim flange with above-average wall thickness
    • Inner profile matched to our MG washer
    • high-strength aluminium alloy with special heat treatment
    The optimised rim profile with no edges or corners enables us to achieve a lower wall thickness in the lateral area and, in combination with the exposed rim flanges, the shortest possible distance from the left to the right rim flange.

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