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MT5 Disc Brake Set
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MT5 Disc Brake Set
199,95 €
Prezzo di listino* 282,- €
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199,95 €
Prezzo di listino* 282,- €
lei risparmia 29%
incl. 19% IVA più 0,- € spese di spedizione
colore: black/silver
colore: black/silver
180 mm / 180 mm203 mm / 180 mm
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Disponibile di nuovo dal 12.06.2020
Disponibile di nuovo dal 12.06.2020
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  • Descrizione

    Magura MT5 Disc Brake Set

    The full gravity-braking power of the 4-pistons is now available as an affordable entry-level model. All genes of the MT7 are also in the Magura MT5, an ideal brake for downhill and enduro use. It is reliable and strong, yet light. We offer the high-quality 4-piston disc brake set with Storm HC disc rotors.

    Entry into the performance class: MT5 Carbotecture® Disc Brake Set with Storm HC von Magura

    Class adapted for use on cycles, motorcycle racing's proven 4-piston technology creates an absolute maximum of braking force. No matter how difficult the trail terrain, our 4-piston technology and novel new ergonomics in the brake lever give you a performance package which will fill you with confidence. The aluminium, two-finger brake levers are ergonomically perfect for your hands, allowing you to easily and accurately apply the braking power you need, even during long braking actions. Our use of Carbotecture® technology in the brake handle housing keeps the MT5's weight down to a minimum and provides optimal braking performance.

    Features - MT5 Disc Brake Set with Storm HC

    • Carbotecture® SL master and aluminum handlebar clamp
    • Ergonomic 2-finger lever blade
    • Adjustable lever reach All-in-one
    • magnetiXchange pistons for easy brake pad replacement
    • With Storm HC Rotors (choose variant)

    Product Features

    • Use: MTB, Enduro, Downhill, Gravity
    • Technical features: Full hydraulic 4-piston floating caliper
    • Pad wear adjustment: Automatic
    • Brake pads: Organic 9.1 Performance (4 Pistons 2 Pads) 8.1 Performance (4 Pistons 4 Single Pads)
    • Hose fitting caliper: RHR - Rotateable hose routing
    • Brake hose: MAGURA disc tube easily shortened
    • Transmission medium: MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil
    • Hydraulic system: Open, with expansion chamber
    • Intern. standard mounting (IS): Yes, adaptor
    • Centerlock compatible: Yes, with adaptor
    • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
    • Feel-Safety-Ergonomic: Yes
    • Dual Docking for trigger shifters: Yes
    • Reach adjust: Yes (with tool)
    • BAT (bite point adjuster): No
    • magnetiXchange: Yes
    • OPD (caliper in one-piece design): Yes
    • Postmount mounting (PM): Yes, direct mount
    • 2-Piece Lever Clamp: Yes
    • Material fitting bolts: Steel
    • Brake lever and caliper: Carbotecture (Master), Aluminium forged (caliper)
    • Lever blade: Aluminium
    • Hose lengths:
      • Front 2200mm (shortable)
      • Rear 2200mm (shortable)

    Storm HC Rotors (choose variant)

    • 180mm / 180mm
    • 203mm / 180mm


    • black


    • approx 510g pair (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 MT5 Carbotecture® Disc Brake Set
    • 2 Storm HC Rotors incl. each 6 T25
    • 4 Fastening screws
    • 2 Insertpins
    • 2 Olives
    • 2 Transport safetys
    • Disc brakes are ready-to-install, filled and bled!
    Adapters not included!

    For suitable Adapters >CLICK HERE<

    Mounting/Installation a Magura MT disc brake


    Shorten the tubing/hose of a Magura disc brake MT

    Modello: 2018
    Modello: 2018
  • Valutazioni
    Super Bremse, aber leider viel Plastik am Bremshebel verbaut. Besonders empfindlich ist die Entlüftungsschraube, die aus Plastik ist und extrem leicht ausbricht. Dann muss man den Rest rausfummeln und eine sündhaft teure neue ganz vorsichtig eindrehen. Die Funktion der Bremse ist top!
    Sie habe eine tolle Verarbeitung und sehen einfach gut aus bremsleistung ist top
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