Greenland Wax
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Greenland Wax
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  • Descrizione

    Fjällräven Greenland Wax

    With Greenland Wax, you can easily adapt your G-1000 garments to your personal preferences, the weather and your intended activity level.
    More wax makes a more resistant garment that can keep out the rain and wind. The impregnation also increases the durability and life of the garment by adding a protective layer to the surface of the fabric. With less wax, the garment becomes cooler and more breathable. You can remove the wax by washing the garment in a washing machine at 40°C.

    Wax regularly

    It is a good idea to wax your garment regularly. We recommend that you wax after every two-three washes. If you use the garment for several years without waxing it, the garment will take on an attractive aged look, but it will also become worn and slightly rough on the surface. This means that when you actually do add the wax, the fabric will absorb a large quantity to saturate the fibres. You might get a zebra-effect. This is not a problem, but it will take longer to wax.

    How to wax

    1. Apply the wax Take the block of Greenland Wax and rub it with long strokes against the fabric, leaving behind a thin, even layer, kind of like writing with chalk on a chalkboard. Apply the wax generously.
    2. Melt the wax Melt the wax into the fibres using a hairdryer or an old iron set on low to moderate heat (remember to wipe off the iron before you use it for other pieces of clothing).
    3. Repeat Repeat several times to add several layers of wax to surfaces that need extra strong impregnation – shoulders, the hood, knees, the rear and other exposed areas. Greenland Wax has a low melting point, which means that you can set the iron on low heat (one dot on the dial,110°C). Some sections might require a slightly higher temperature, for example the seams. Raise the temperature of the iron to moderate (two dots on the dial,150°C).

    Other ways to heat the wax

    You can use a dryer to wax, for example, down-padded g-1000 garments. Down likes to go for a spin in the dryer, since any clumps that have formed are fluffed up and the static electricity that is created helps the down regain good loft. Spread the wax on the g-1000 fabric like normal and then place the garment in the dryer together with one or two tennis balls. Dry at low temperature.

    Gas burner
    Out in the field, hold the garment a few decimetres above a steady, strong flame from your outdoor stove. Slowly move it closer to the flame until you see the wax start to melt. Be careful that you do not burn your garment, and do not have your hand or an arm in the garment when melting the wax. Simply stretch out the garment and move it back and forth until the wax has melted into the fabric.

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Greenland Wax (100 g)

    Fjällräven - Wax guide; Adapt your G-1000 garments

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