iJ.haBu5 - Winter Jacket
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iJ.haBu5 - Winter Jacket
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Cod. art.: BE00011361
  • Descrizione

    ASSOS iJ.haBu5 - Winter Jacket

    The iJ.habu jacket from ASSOS is THE state-of-the-art product when it comes to thin winter jackets. It's light and close-fitting, but keeps you as warm as other, much more voluminous winter jackets.

    Perfect for the transitional period: the iJ.haBu5 thermal bike jacket from ASSOS

    The front chest area, upper arms and collar are made of the ASSOS StratagonLight textile, which serves as wind protection. The sides, forearms and back panels are made of ASSOS RXQ fabric, which is particularly breathable, provides excellent thermal protection and effectively controls the body temperature.

    ASSOS' RXQ-Textil is a development based on the legendary RX-Textil from ASSOS. It has excellent thermal properties with low volume, offers an improved push-pull effect and keeps the body climate stable.

    Features - iJ.haBu5

    • StratagonLight: Windproof, water resistant and breathable material developed jointly with ASSOS' fabric suppliers to meet their needs. Allows them to create highly effective and lightweight protective panels
    • RXQ: A lighter weight RX fabric variant used in key areas requiring great breathability. Internal 3D air channels make it a perfect low volume insulator and temperature regulator
    • Mobile phone pocket on the upper arm so that the speaker function can be used
    • ASSOS Middle Back Stabilizer Technology (ASSOS patent): This technology prevents vertical expansion of the material when the pockets are full and stabilizes the fit of the jacket as soon as you assume the biking position
    • The high collar protects against wind and the reflective zipper provides more safety
    • The back pockets are designed with two pockets with zippers separated by an easily accessible middle pocket
    • Temperature Range: Early Winter
    • ASSOS Clima Range: habu 6 - 14 °C
    • Fit: Slim Fit (ASSOS racingFit)


    A fit that is is tighter and slightly more compressive than our alternative regularFit and comfortFit options. May feel restrictive out of of the riding position but feels like a second skin while riding and results in a higher performance, improved comfort and less drag.

    AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design)
    Stand for the company's know-how, experience and philosophy on how a garment should be tailored to function in the cyclist's position. ASSOS garments are designed to perfectly fit and adhere to the body, in other words, to respect the anatomy of the cycling body. High-tech fabrics are pointless if cut "wrong"!

    ALS (ASSOS Layering System)
    Less is more. The entire ASSOS collection is conceptualized around this technology. ASSOS apparel is engineered with minimum volume, taking advantage of the body's natural heating/cooling capacities by insulating intelligently through pro-active layering. Both fabrics and garments have chain functions and are cut to complement each other. Everything fits like a puzzle; technically as well as aesthetically. It is up to each cyclist to follow the climate range guidelines and to experiment with the different ASSOS garments in order to find the perfect personal outfit for each specific riding season.

  • Dettagli


    41% Polyamide, 21% Polyester, 16% Polypropylen, 14% Elastane, 8% Polyurethane
  • Equipaggiamento


    Produttore: ASSOS
    Uoma/donna/unisex Men
    Taglio: Slim Fit
    Uso: Road Bike
    Lavabilità: 30° C
    Protezione vento:
    Isolamento termico:
    Campo di temperatura: haBu - Early Winter 6 – 14 °C
    Colore: blackVolkanga
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