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Road bikes — feel the speed

From aluminium road bikes with rim or disc brakes for beginners up to serious carbon racing machines for competitions — in our store, you will find a huge selection of high-quality road bikes with lots of different equipment options. Whether you just want to go on an occasional weekend tour, want to blow the dirt off the trails with your cyclocross bike or to explore new territories on a gravel bike, whether you want to climb the podium of the next Gran Fondo or to keep you fit for a triathlon, we offer you the ideal road bike for every purpose and budget.

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Road Bikes online

If you want to buy a road bike online, you've come to the right place. Bike-discount.de is your partner! In our online shop you can find road bikes from a wide variety of different brands such as Radon, Cube, Fuji, Felt and many more. But which one is the best model for you? Our buying guide below will help you make the right decision and choose the model that best suits your needs.

What is a road bike?

Technically, all bikes are suited to be driven on roads. Nevertheless, road bikes are optimized to be used on pavement. One of the features of those bikes are skinny tires that are not wider than 32mm (and usually are a lot narrower). You could ride a road bike on mud or gravel as well, but the ride would not be very comfortable for you. First and foremost, road bikes are designed to be driven on smooth surfaces like asphalt. If you want to take your cycling offroad, you are much better off with a mountain bike.

The different frame materials of road bikes

The frame is the core element of your road bike and it's also the most expensive part of any bicycle. The most common materials are titanium, carbon fibre, steel and aluminium. Each of these materials has its own unique characteristics. However, it's not just the material that counts. The way your road bike is designed also plays an important role. One of the most common materials used for road bike frames is aluminium. This is a relatively inexpensive material and it makes for light yet robust frames. Steel used to be one of the first materials of choice and was very popular for road bikes until the 80s. A good designer can do wonders with this material, even though it is a bit heavier than other frame materials.
Titanium was always considered one of the more exotic frame materials. This material can be just as light as aluminium, while providing the durability of a steel frame at the same time. These features make it a great choice for race bikes. On the other hand, titanium is not an easy material to work with. This can make titanium race bikes an expensive option, even though the prices have been dropping over the last years.

Carbon fibre used to be a very pricey material but nowadays you can find some very affordable road bikes made out of this material on the market. However, not all carbon fibre bikes are equal in quality. There can be huge differences between cheaper and more costly carbon fibre frames, depending on the manufacturing process and the specific type of fibres that is used for the frame.

Race bikes vs. endurance bikes

Depending on your style of cycling you might want to choose a different type of road bike. Do you like to go for time trial races and ride as fast as possible? Or are you more interested to cover long distances with your road bike? Depending on your personal style you might want to choose a road bike that is specifically designed for endurance, for racing or that is a hybrid of both. Race bikes are usually stiffer. This makes sure, that all the force you create through pedalling will be used to create a forward motion and none of your energy gets lost in the process. Race bikes can also have lower front ends, giving them the characteristic look. This makes you more aerodynamic and reduces friction, making you faster with less effort. These bikes usually also have skinnier tyres than endurance bikes. Compared to race bikes, endurance bikes are less stiff. This way they can absorb more force and will reduce vibrations from the road. An endurance bike will put you into a more upright position, which is a lot more comfortable for longer distances. The handling of these bikes is slower as well, which makes them more stable.
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