Shimano apparel & footwear – technology and style for a better ride

Shimano? Sure, every keen cyclist knows them, and it's hard to imagine the world of MTBs, road bikes or trekking bikes without their components. But what about Shimano shoes? Many will have come across them, too, whether in a shop or on a trail. Shimano's footwear for road and off-road use is based on innovative concepts and enjoys great popularity among bikers of all disciplines. And clothing from Shimano? The Japanese brand offers cycling fashion for road cyclists and mountain bikers, and just as you would expect, it's of excellent quality featuring advanced technologies and the perfect fit. This is particularly true for clothing from Shimano's premium cycling series: S-PHYRE. Overall, Shimano's bike wear and cycling shoes are designed to enhance your riding experience and allow you to enjoy every single moment. They are capable of turning a good bike day into an unforgettable one.

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Shimano Vêtements

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