K-Edge – precision mounts with Tour de France experience

Having been founded in 2009, K-Edge from Boise, Idaho, may be a rather young company, but it’s still one with an immense experience and expertise. The reason for this is the parent company Ace Co., a long-established and renowned manufacturer of precision tools. Hence, the meticulousness with which K-Edge manufacture their chain guides, handlebar brackets and stem mounts for bicycle computers and navigation devices has its origins in high-tech. And the more every millimeter and every second counts, the more noticeable this becomes. This is why so many top athletes, such as more than half of the Tour de France peloton, rely on K-Edge products. But not only the cyclists, also the valuable GPS computers from Wahoo, Sigma, Garmin etc. benefit from the K-Edge quality. The fact that shocks and vibrations are not transmitted to the device protects the electronics.


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