Burley's mission: enabling adventures

As with many successful companies in the sports and outdoor sector, there was a problem at the beginning: There were no bike trailers that were suitable for the safe transport of children. So Alan Scholz built a first bicycle child trailer over 40 years ago and thus laid the foundation for the Burley brand. This decades of experience is reflected in all kids bike trailers from Burley. Models like the D'LITE or HONEY BEE are among the classics of the US brand. While the Burley SOLO models are designed for individual children and have a maximum load of 34kg, the wider models accommodate two children and can hold a maximum payload of 45kg.

The Burley bike trailers are very versatile with the appropriate accessories. With the buggy set, they can be used like a stroller, while with the Jogging Set the children can be safely transported while running.

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