Tubeless trail adventures: 27.5“ MTB wheels

MTB tyres have gone tubeless. It’s the next logical step after disc brakes and boost. The tubeless technology allows riding with less air pressure, thus increasing traction. The famous snakebites – which used to be a real threat when riding wheels with tubes, especially in combination with low air pressure – are now a thing of the past. Tubeless tyres can also generally be regarded as more puncture-proof. Smaller punctures, which are rather the rule than an exception during mountain bike adventures, will be sealed immediately thanks to the tyre sealant. If the wheel and tyres are tubeless ready, all you need is a special rim tape, tubeless valves (which will often come with the tyres) and a tyre sealant. You see, going tubeless is not rocket science.

Roue 27,5" sans chambre à air

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