Magnesium direct Stixx 30 Portion Bags
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Magnesium direct Stixx 30 Portion Bags
6,90 €
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prix de base: 13,86 € / 100g
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Disponible le 02.10.2021
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N° d'article: YY00009917
  • Description

    Xenofit Magnesium direct Stixx 30 Portion Bags

    The direct granulate for consumption without liquid is the quick and practical alternative to mineral drinks.
    Every energy-dependent process in the body is dependent on magnesium. The mineral is therefore indispensable for the willingness to perform. Since the human body can absorb organic magnesium citrate particularly well, we only use these high-quality salts.

    Features - Xenofit Magnesium direct Stixx

    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • Suitable for vegans
    • Without caffeine
    • Without lactose
    • Without fructose
    • Without gluten
    • Without artificial dyes


    • Magnesium citrate (75%), sweetener sorbitol, acidifier citric acid; thickener sodium carboxymethyl cellulose/ cellulose gum, natural orange flavour, natural lemon flavour, sweetener aspartame, anti-caking agent (talcum, magnesium salts of fatty acids)

    Nutritional Table

    Vitamins & Minerals 1 Bag
    Magnesium 150 mg / 40 %
    NRV = Nutrient Reference Value

    Directions for use

    1-2 x daily Xenofit Magnesium direct Stixx. For fast magnesium supply, tear open at the marking, place granules on the tongue, allow to dissolve and swallow.

    Storage Instructions

    Please keep out of reach of small children and do not store above 25 ° C.

    Warnings due to additives

    With sweeteners. May be laxative if consumed in excess. Contains aspartame (a source of phenylalanine).

    Other information

    Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Xenofit Magnesium direct Stixx 30 sachets
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