Schraubwürger rot
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Schraubwürger rot
29,15 €
PPC* 32,17 €
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Disponible le 28.07.2020
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N° d'article: 10018579
  • Description

    Tune Schraubwürger rot

    The Würger in the screw version!
    We do admit: Some articles we do develope only according the demand of our fans. In the event of our „Schraubwürger“ you have pestered us as long that we could no longer say „No“…..
    Here it is: The Würger to screw! In the 31.8 version with only 9.8 gram it is an absolute must for all „Tuneing Fans“ who do not lower the seat post on every little hill. High grade milling technology including smart and weight-saving notches and a classy, ultrastrong titan screw. The Schraubwürger is chic, slim and wiry – and naturally in all Tune anodized colour available. Thanks to all our fans who did not give up!

    • Clamp: Aluminium 7075
    • Height: 15.75 mm
    • Clamp height: 14.75 mm
    • Lever: torx-titan screw
    • Production method: CNC-milled/rotated
    • Funtional principle: bolting
    • Size: 30.0/ 31.8/ 34.9/ 38.0 mm
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