T2500 Booster Cycletrainer
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T2500 Booster Cycletrainer
249,- €
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couleur: hellblau/schwarz/grau
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  • Description

    Tacx T2500 Booster Cycletrainer

    Give yourself a boost with the Tacx Booster and train like a pro. Build your strength with high power at low speeds – so you stay fit in autumn and winter too. The Booster is the ultra-powerful home trainer for the ambitious cyclist.

    Effective Training on the turbo trainer: the Booster from Tacx

    The Booster is easy to install and is also particularly safe and quiet, as it is the only Basic Trainer with a closed brake unit. It is also the most powerful basic trainer and can produce high resistance at low speeds. When you move the lever on the handlebar to the highest position, a lot of energy is needed and you move forward slowly, just like on a steep incline. This makes the Booster also very suitable for power training.

    The Booster has a flywheel that gives you a realistic pedal stroke and a realistic road feel. The 1.65 kg flywheel provides all the possibilities for good indoor training. An absolutely reliable partner among turbo trainers – for everyone.

    Product Features - Tacx Booster

    • Type of trainer: Basic trainer with magnetic brake
    • Magnets: 2x8 Permanent ferrite magnets
    • Transmission: Roller, 30 mm
    • Electrical requirements: No mains voltage required
    • Power indicator: -
    • Connection indicator (ANT/BT): -
    • Firmware upgradable: -
    • Suitable bikes: Race, Tri & MTB , if necessary with axle skewer
    • Suitable axles: Width of rear fork: Race 130 mm, MTB 135 mm. Adapters for other widths available.


    • Max. power (40 km/h): 1050 Watt
    • Max. incline: -
    • Simulation of descent: -
    • Max. torque: 17 Nm
    • Max. brake force: 50 N
    • Flywheel: 1.6 kg
    • Mass inertia: 9.18 kg
    • Calibration: -
    • Footprint (lxw): 675 × 650 mm (26.6 × 25.6 in)
    • Height: 410 mm (16.1 in)
    • Dimensions when folded: 565 × 410 × 245 mm (22.2 × 16.1 × 9.65 in)

    Data Output and Control

    • Wireless communication: -
    • Control by: Handlebar resistance lever with 10 positions
    • Output: -
    • Read out on: -


    • 8.53 kg (18.8 lbs)

    Main Features - Vortex Smart

    • Control with handlebar resistance lever with 10 steps
    • Works without power connection
    • Can be folded up for better storage
    • 1.6 kg flywheel


    Manual resistance control
    The Booster is controlled by a lever on your steer, allowing you to set the resistance as required. The higher the position, the more resistance.

    Silence boost
    The Booster is the only basic trainer with a closed resistance unit, highly reducing noise.

    Intervals & power workouts
    The powerful magnetic brake of the Booster enables intense interval sessions and power based workouts.

    Realistic pedal stroke
    The Booster features an actual flywheel which generates a realistic road feel.

    Multifunctional front wheel support
    The Skyliner is a front wheel support that raises the front wheel for a natural cycling position and increased stability. It also serves as a handle to carry the trainer.

    Click ‘n ride
    The bike is fixed in the trainer easily by two simple clicks.

    Unique dual material roller
    The roll that places the resistance on your rear wheel is made from two materials: a hardened steel sleeve with a soft core of elastogel. The steel sleeve prevents wear of the trainer, while the elastogel aborbs vibrations to reduce noise.

    Virtual power
    Train with Zwift or TrainerRoad on the basis of virtual power using the Tacx speed and cadence sensor! This transmits your speed and cadence wirelessly via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart to your tablet or smartphone, so you can also use these training applications with a basic trainer.

    Braking system: magnetic brake
    The resistance is generated by permanent magnets. Trainers with magnetic brakes therefore do not need electric power. The booster has two rows of magnets. Other basic trainers are equipped with one magnetic row and one disc. The strength of the magnetic field is adjusted by changing the position of the magnets. This adjustment is done manually by the control lever.

    The Booster is the only Basic Trainer from Tacx with a closed brake unit. This makes it extremely quiet. The Tacx Booster has an integrated brake with flywheel. This magnetic braking system with eight permanent magnets offers a lot of performance: Compared to the proven and also very powerful Satori, the Booster generates even more power at a speed of 25 km/h and in tenth gear – it offers pure power!

    Scope of delivery

    • Tacx Booster T2500
    • Front wheel support
    • Quick release for road bikes and mountain bikes (5mm)

    Tacx Booster

  • Évaluations
    Ottimo prodotto
    Has some build quality issues. I had to return it twice. First time it made whining noise on higher speeds (bearing problem i guess). Second time it vibrated like hell (flywheel was poorly balanced). Third one still slightly vibrates, but it's usable. Neighbors below wont be happy anyway. Another common problem with some Tacx cycletraners is that metal sleeve on plastic roller gets slightly loose and starts making clicking sounds (google it). What's good about this cycletrainer is that it's relatively inexpensive, looks good, has stiff enough frame and has wide range of resistance to climbs.
    all fine
    bien, mais un peu bruillant
    Отличный тренажер за хорошую цену!
    Good trainer
    Best trainer, quality -price.
    Dies ist meine erste Trainingsrolle. Ich bin positiv überrascht. Meine Fahrräder sind in der Wohnung, das ist allerdings ein großer Vorteil.
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