Gommes Race Pro Jaune King Campagnolo
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Gommes Race Pro Jaune King Campagnolo
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  • Description

    SwissStop Gommes Race Pro Jaune King Campagnolo

    SWISSSTOP brake pad compounds offer the best brake characteristics in all weather conditions and for all bicycle styles.Yellow High Power: yellow rubber compound for Carbon rimsProvides absolutely best brake power (wet and dry) and allows the rider to precisely modulate the braking on Carbon wheels. No squeaking and very slight wear. Can also be used on aluminum wheels. Short duration stability at temperatures in excess of 300C! Compatible with Campagnolo 10-speed brakes

    For each application be sure to use the correct rubber-compound.
    All SWISSSTOP pads offer:

    • best brake performance
    • on dry rims and even better performance on wet rims
    • complete absence of abrasive materials which could damage the rims
    • silent operation
    • compatibility with all types of rim material (no danger of using the wrong pad and damaging the rim), and consistent brake power from – 20C to + 40C
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