Ambit3 Run White
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Ambit3 Run White
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  • Description

    Suunto Ambit3 Run White Montres Multisports

    The GPS watch for running with heart rate monitoring and mobile connection!
    Wherever you go, the Suunto Ambit3 Run is ideal for the perfect running experience. The mileage and measurements of restorative sleep will give you in combination with the complete route navigation tools to help you progress and discover. The Suunto Movescount app you can plan your workouts and be guided by instructions through your run. With the app you can customize your clock on the move and enjoy their experiences and new share.

    Scope of delivery

    • Suunto Ambit3 Run white
    • USB cable
    • Quick Reference Guide
    • Warranty Conditions
    Heart rate sensors and heart rate chest strap HRM-run are not included.


    • Runner's solution for an advanced training
    • Intelligent, mobile connection
    • Enrich revive, and share your experience


    • 15 hours battery with 5-second accuracy-GPS (accuracy min 1 100 hours)
    • Speed, pace, distance and GPS altitude display
    • Route Navigation and Trackback (tracing)
    • Step frequency measurement on the wrist
    • Display of mileage (Firstbeat) **
    • Interval Workout Planner *
    • Interval workouts with voice guidance *
    • Movescount Training programs on the clock
    • Related activities recovery time
    • Fast recreation and sleep quality test (Firstbeat) **
    • Advanced function settings Suunto Apps
    • Languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH
    To check availability: (www.suunto.com/software-updates)


    • You can show your data upload immediately and other *
    • You can set your clock on the go *
    • Time and GPS data will remain on the road to date by satellite link *
    • Calls, messages and push notifications are displayed on the clock *
    • Integration in Strava and Training Peaks


    • Make your moves while photographs showing your current speed, distance and other data. *
    • You can use the 3D map, make the key figures and images Suunto Movie from your moves. *
    • You can post your experiences instantly in your social network *
    * With the Suunto Movescount App
    ** With the Suunto Smart Sensor

    Notice! Ambit3 watches are not with ANT + ™ compatible (z. B. Suunto ANT PODs, Suunto Dual or Suunto ANT Belt)

    • Dimension: 50 x 50 x 15.5 mm
    • Weight: 72 g
    • Dimension: 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.61 "
    • Weight: 2.54 oz
    • Bezel: Polyamide
    • Glass Material: Mineral Crystal
    • Housing material: Polyamide
    • Bracelet Material: Elastomer



    • Water resistance: 50 m (ISO 6425)
    • Battery life in the mode "Time": 14 days
    • Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
    • Time, date: yes
    • Alarm Clock: 1 daily alarm
    • Dual time: Yes
    • GPS Timing: Yes
    • Countdown Timer: Yes
    • Stopwatch: Yes
    • Menu languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH
    • Backlight: LED
    • Configurable Backlight: Brightness / mode
    • Keylock: adaptable
    • Reverse Display Contrast: Yes
    • Display Type: Matrix
    • Display resolution: 128 x 128
    • Battery indicator: Percentage / Symbol
    • Metric and Imperial Dimensions: Yes
    • Firmware Upgrade: Yes


    • Individual setting of the clock: Wireless / USB cable
    • Compatible with Movescount: with Moveslink
    • Connectivity (between devices): Bluetooth Smart
    • Data transmission: Wireless / USB cable
    • Photos with time insertion: with Suunto Movescount App
    • Compatible with the Suunto Movescount app: Yes
    • Phone Alerts on the clock: with Suunto Movescount App
    • Handy as a second display your clock: with Suunto Movescount App
    • Suunto Movies: Suunto Movescount App
    • Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone, Android

    Suunto Apps

    • Compatible with Suunto Apps: Yes
    • Max. No. Apps per sport mode: 5
    • Logging App specific indicators: Yes
    • Especially recommended Apps for activity: Yes
    • Chrono, GPS, RF, weather and altitude data: yes, except weather
    • Running, swimming and cycling data: yes, except wheeled performance and life data
    • Extensive calculation functions, if / then logic, sounds, lights, etc .: Yes
    • Create your own indicators with extensive formulas: Yes


    • Digital Compass: Yes
    • Tilt compensation: completely
    • Direction scale: Level / mil
    • Needle: North indicator Course keeping function with signposts: Yes
    • Accuracy: 5 °
    • Scale division: 1 °

    External Features

    • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C / -5 ° F to +140 ° F
    • Storage temperature: -30 ° C to +60 ° C / -22 ° F to +140 ° F

    Outdoor features

    GPS Tracking and Navigation

    • Satellite systems: GPS
    • GPS recording rate: 1, 5, 60 sec
    • Battery life (active GPS): 10, 15, 100 hours
    • Coordinate Systems:
      • WGS84 WGS84 Hd HD.D ° ° m 's.s''WGS84 Hd ° mmUTMMGRSBritisch (BNG) Finnish (ETRS-TM35FIN) Finnish (KKJ) Irish (IG) Swedish (RT90) Swiss (CH1903) UTM NAD27 - AlaskaUTM NAD27 - NAD83 ConusUTM
    • Waypoint graphic Route Navigation: Yes
    • Max. No. at points of interest (POIs): 250
    • Route trace: Yes
    • Route planning *: Yes
    • Waypoints per route / POIs in clock: Yes
    • View and parts of the route *: Yes
    • Back to the starting point: Yes


    • Height graphics: Yes
    • Vertical speed: GPS-based
    • Total ascent / -abstieg: GPS-based
    • Height difference: yes **
    • Recording rate of the Protocol: 1, 10 s
    • Display accuracy: 1 m
    • Display range: -500 - 9999 m
    • GPS altimetry: Yes

    Training / Sports Features

    Speed and Distance

    • Distance-based Autolaps: Yes
    • Storage interval of the Protocol: 1, 10 s
    • GPS speed and distance measurement: Integrated
    • Foot POD Support: Bluetooth Smart
    • Heart Rate: Yes
    • RR interval: Yes
    • Heart rate in beats per minute: Yes
    • Heart rate in% of max. h: Yes
    • Draws heart rate while swimming: Yes, the Suunto Smart Sensor
    • Real-time, average and maximum heart rate: Yes
    • Heart rate limits: Yes
    • Heart rate zones *: Yes
    • EPOC & V02 max values *: Yes
    • Heart rate graph in real time: Yes
    • Calories: Yes
    • Peak Training Effect: Yes
    • Recovery time: Yes
    • EPOC in real time: Yes **
    • Storage interval of the Protocol: 1, 10 s
    NOTE: Heart rate sensors and heart rate chest strap HRM-run are not included.

    Training, Planning, & Analysis

    • Chrono: Yes
    • Monitoring your activities: Yes
    • Related activities recovery time: Yes
    • Rounds: > 1000
    • Autostop: Yes
    • Automatic scrolling in Training displays: Yes
    • Display of free space: Yes
    • Based on heart rate and speed during training manual: Yes
    • Interval Timer: Yes
    • Fitness Test: Yes **
    • Training plans from Movescount Downloadable: Yes
    • Protocol summary on the clock with Rounddetails: Yes
    • Customizable Sport modes and displays: 10 modes / 8 ads per mode
    • Training Analysis *: Yes
    • GPS segment analysis *: Yes
    • Training log with history and pictures *: Yes
    • Sleep-Recovery Test (Firstbeat ™): Yes
    • Quick recovery test (Firstbeat ™): Yes
    • Workout Planner: Suunto Movescount App
    • Interval workouts with voice guidance: with Suunto Movescount app
    • Compatible with online sports communities: Strava, Training Peaks, and other MapMyFtiness


    • Speed: Yes
    • Suunto FusedSpeed ™: Yes
    • Average speed in real-time: Yes
    • Cadence: Yes
    • Foot POD calibration: manual or GPS
    • Average stride: yes **
    • Ghost Runner: Yes **
    • Round compared to kilometer / mile *: Yes
    • Marathon-end-estimate: Yes **
    • Mileage (Firstbeat ™): Yes


    • Speed while cycling: based on GPS
    • Average speed in real time: based on GPS


    • Speed and distance information for swimming in open water: Yes
    • Draws heart rate while swimming: Yes, the Suunto Smart Sensor ( not included)
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