Rennkompressor with E.V.A.
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Rennkompressor with E.V.A.
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N° d'article: YY00008189
  • Description

    SKS GERMANY Rennkompressor with E.V.A.

    The SKS Rennkompressor E.V.A. is the floor pump of the professionals - no wonder, it manages a maximum tyre pressure of 16 bar / 230 PSI. It is also extremely reliable thanks to materials such as steel and wood! The bike pump has been the most popular pump in international cycling for more than 50 years and comes in classic SKS orange.

    Solid floor pump with 16 bar maximum pressure: the Rennkompressor with E.V.A. head from SKS

    The Rennkompressor is equipped with the E.V.A. head. It has only one opening which is compatible with Auto/Schrader, Sclaverand/Presta and Dunlop valves. The modern head is also perfect for valves with smooth valve shafts. Thanks to the large precision manometer, the current tyre pressure can be easily checked. The 125 cm long high-pressure hose allows easy access to the valves even when the wheel is in the mounting stand. The cast steel base and solid steel tube provide excellent stability. The feet can easily be folded for better transport.

    Features - Rennkompressor EVA head 10062

    • Precision manometer
    • Stable Base in steel
    • Hinged, non-slip footsteps
    • Large solid turned wood handle
    • Valve connection E.V.A. (Easy Valve Access) for Schrader (AV), Sclaverand (SV), Dunlop (DV)

    Product features

    • Valve head: E.V.A. (Easy Valve Access)
    • Valve: E.V.A. for Dunlop, Presta, Schrader
    • Max. output: 16 Bar / 232 PSI
    • Length: 650mm


    • approx 2200g

    Scope of delivery

    • SKS Race Compressor with E.V.A.
  • Évaluations
    The first impression was positive. The pump is made qualitatively. But I was comprehended by disappointment soon. The first problem is that it is necessary to do many movements. To pump up 26х2.0 it is necessary to swing 50 times! That up to 3 atm to pump up 29х2.0 it is necessary to swing 75 times. That up to 3 atm to pump up 29х2.35 it is necessary to swing 95 times. My old, cheap pump does it three times faster. With this problem I will be able to live, all right. And the second and main problem in this E.V.A. It well copes with Schröder. But it does not cope with presto! Continuous leak of air! I need to swing one hand, and other hand to correct this E.V.A. that air did not come out. This RENN disappointment. Now I face the choice. To buy other SKS Multi Valve Head, or to buy other pump?
    Einfach n super Kult-Teil mit top Funktion!
    A great pump.
    muss Mann haben
    Klasse verarbeitete Pumpe! Anschluss sitzt bombenfest auf dem Ventil.
    Die Pumpe macht einen wertigen Eindruck, allerdings habe ich Probleme mit dem Ventilkopf, diesen muss ich immer per Hand noch richtig positionieren, damit die Luft in den Schlauch geht und nicht vorbei...mühsam... Oder mache ich etwas falsch???
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