Cross Trail 6 Ultra - Headlamp
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Cross Trail 6 Ultra - Headlamp
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  • Description

    Silva Cross Trail 6 Ultra - Headlamp

    The Silva Cross Trail 6 Ultra is the ultimate all-round headlamp with a double battery pack and a correspondingly generous burn time. This makes it exactly the kind of reliable companion that demanding athletes need during their extensive training sessions. This Silva headlamp and helmet lamp is perfect for cross-country skiing, jogging and almost all other outdoor activities. Also included is the compact Silva Tyto Red safety light.

    Reliable companion on all tracks and trails - the Silva Cross Trail 6 Ultra

    With a generous light duration and intelligent features such as Silva Flow Light and Silva Intelligent Light as well as a variety of mounting options, the Silva Cross Trail 6 Ultra lamp is ideal for all demanding activities. It is a comfortable, lightweight headlamp designed for a wide range of different athletes who like to run, ski, hike, climb or to spend time outside in the dark for whatever reason.

    The double battery pack ensures a very generous burn time, which can be extended as much as you like by carrying additional AA batteries. So if you feel you could go on forever, this headlamp is just right. The supplied batteries are a rechargeable 2.0Ah USB battery and a 4xAA battery pack. For even greater safety the Silva Cross Trail 6 Ultra also comes with the additional Silva safety light Tyto Red.

    Features - Silva Cross Trail 6 Ultra

    • Double battery packs enable long runs and races
    • Red rear light adds extra visibility in the dark
    • SILVA Intelligent Light combining long reach spot light and close flood light
    • SILVA FLOW LIGHT varies the light pattern depending on your activity
    • Highly flexible: the Cross Trail 6 is supplied with a headband and accessories for multiple attachment options
    • Large on/off switch for easy operation even with gloves
    • Waterproof according to IPX5 standard: withstands heavy rain and water from any direction

    Product features

    • Attachment: Headband, helmet etc.
    • Battery: 1 x Rechargeable 2.0Ah LiPo USB (external) / 4 x AA (external)
    • Light distance: 50 m (min mode) / 80 m (med mode) / 140 m (max mode)
    • Battery indication: yes
    • Beam pattern: Intelligent Light® / Flow Light
    • Discharge time (max mode): 5h (+20 ˚C), 3h (-5 ˚C)
    • Output: 600 Lumen
    • Water resistance: IPX5


    • black

    Weight (manufacturer information)

    • 78 g (without batteries) 
    • 163 g / 230 g (with rechargeable battery or AA batteries respectively)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Silva Cross Trail 6 Ultra headlamp
    • 1 Silva Tyto Red safety light
    • 1 2.0 Ah rechargeable battery
    • 4 AA batteries
    • 1 Battery pack (for 4 batteries)
    • 1 Extension cable
    • 1 Cable guide (lateral)
    • 1 Helmet bracket
    • 2 CR2032 batteries


    SILVA Intelligent Light® + Flow Light
    SILVA Intelligent Light® optimizes the light pattern by the unique combination of a long reach spot light and a close flood light. This results in less head movements and a clear view of near as well as far obstacles, and you gain the balance and confidence it takes to move fast and perform better.
    The ingenious SILVA Flow Light takes the optimization even further by providing seamless tuning of the light pattern for your favorite sport. Simply tilting the light downwards makes the beams wider to brighten up slower activities. When tilting the headlamp upwards, the light reaches longer to provide perfect vision when you move fast.

    Flexible Attachment Options
    The wide anti-slip headband and ergonomic back plate ensure a comfortable fit even during long and rough activities. The detachable top band gives extra support when needed. The headband is designed to fit on a helmet by detaching the ergonomic back plate — thus giving you the flexibility to use either the included helmet bracket or to just snap the headlamp onto your helmet and go. The flexible attachment options and the headlamp’s ability to withstand all types of weather and terrain further enhance the multi activity possibilities.

    Année modèle: 2021
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