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Tube SV 14 26" Extra Light
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Tube SV 14 26" Extra Light
6,49 €
PPC* 9,90 €
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N° d'article: YY00008992
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  • Description

    Schwalbe Tube SV 14 26" Extra Light

    pour VTT 26", extra-légère environ 130 gr., taille: 40/60-559 pour les pneus d'une largeur de 1,5" à 2,35"

    Product features

    • Dimensions (ETRTO)
      • 40-559 26 x 1.50
      • 47-559 26 x 1.75
      • 50-559 26 x 2.00
      • 54-559 26 x 2.10
      • 57-559 26 x 2.25
      • 60-559 26 x 2.35
      • 42-559 26 x 1.60
      • 47-559 26 x 1.90
      • 47-559 26 x 1.85
      • 50-559 26 x 1.90 / 2.00
      • 55-559 26 x 2.15
    • Valve: SV
    • Valve length: 40mm


    • 130g

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Tube SV 14 Extra Light

    Besides the quality of the ingredients, the purity of the rubber compound is decisive for the quality of the tube. Before extrusion, the basic material is forced through a total of seven filters under enormous pressure. All tubes are inserted and inflated into a mold for the vulcanization process. Only this ensures an even wall thickness and high air retention.

    All tubes are inflated and stored for 24 hours to test for air retention. Afterwards, every tube is carefully checked individually by visual inspection. The special quality control which prevents unpleasant surprises. The Schwalbe tube has been valued by German bicycle dealers for its high reliability for many years.

    Only an extremely high-quality and reliable tube is equal to these demands.

    All valves are nickel-plated and threaded. The valve core is always replaceable. Also, Schwalbe tubes with a classic bicycle valve can be inspected for pressure as they have a high-pressure valve core. As an external indicator, every tube has a stylish dust cap made out of transparent polycarbonate.

    The Schwalbe tube is the only tube which carries the “VSF all ride” quality stamp. VSF is an association of particularly dedicated and quality-oriented German bicycle dealers.
  • Évaluations
    Die leichten Schläuche halten die Luft sehr gut, muss nur ca. einmal im Monat nachpumpen bei täglichem Einsatz auf Fahrrad zur Arbeit bei 60% Wald und 40% Strasse/Schotter. Bin im Odenwald über ruppige Brocken gefahren, kein Problem damit. Kann ich bedenkenlos empfehlen. Werde ich wieder kaufen!
    Bei Bestellung waren die neue und die alte verpackung (version) abgebildet, leider die alten bekommen. Was nicht schlimm ist, eher Phsychologisch. Schläuche haben diesmal leider nicht lange gehalten 300km.
    Sehr guter und leichter Fahrradschlauch, der wenig Platz im Gepäck beansprucht.
    Leichter Schlauch mit spürbaren positiven Einfluß auf den Rollwiderstand.Bei mir im Vergleich zu anderen Schläuchen mehr Defekte an der Schweißnaht und Durchstiche.
    It is a good product, but I have a considerable of pressure loss from one day to another in the tyre. Perhaps the unit that I received came with in valve problem.
    It's very good tire, In first time I have doubt, because is very tiny. I use over a half year on mtb with Rocket Ron, and don't have puncture.
    super Schlauch würde ich mir immer wieder kaufen
    Super Schlauch mit günstiger Gewichtsersparnis.
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