WCS C260 Stem 25° 31,8 mm Wet Black
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WCS C260 Stem 25° 31,8 mm Wet Black
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  • Description

    Ritchey WCS C260 Stem 25° 31,8 mm Wet Black

    This revolutionary patented design starts with a bar clamp that wraps a full 260 degrees around the handlebar to distribute clamping stress more eventy though the handlebar, faceplate, hardware and stem body. The steer tube clamp uses three bolts and a curved slot to reduce clamp on the steer tube.
    • 3D forged and internally machined 7050 ally body
    • 4 x 4M faceplate bolts and patented 260 degree bar clamp design reduces weight, increases stiffness and distributes stress more evenly
    • 2 x M4 steer tube bolts and curved clamp slot reduces weight and steer tube stress
    • 5Nm torque max on all hardware, same as 4Axis stems using M5 bolts
    • 30% stiffer than Ritchey's legendary WCS 4Axis and 20 gramm lighter
    • Fits most road and mountain bars
    • Color: wet black
    • Weight: 103g (110mm)
    • Lengths: 70mm / 80mm / 90mm / 100mm / 110mm / 120mm / 130mm (please select version)
    Due to the special handlebar clamp it may be that some riser handlebar and flattened road handlebar can not be mounted.
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