Park Tool
PCS-10.2 Home Mechanic Repair Stand
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Park Tool
PCS-10.2 Home Mechanic Repair Stand
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N° d'article: 20073081
  • Description

    Park Tool PCS-10.2 Home Mechanic Repair Stand

    Park Tool's PCS-10.2 assembly stand is more stable and user-friendly than its predecessor thanks to the folding mechanism, new knob interior, new claw mount and new tube shape.

    Features - PCS-10.2 Home Mechanic Repair Stand

    • Folding mechanism (legs can be adjusted in height to ensure a safe stand)
    • The inside of the head has been redesigned to prevent the claw from jamming
    • The claw holder is larger and more stable than its predecessor
    • The drop shape of the stand tube prevents the wheel from turning over the legs and causing the mounting stand to tilt when working (anti-twist protection)
    • The quick release knobs and levers are larger and more ergonomic than their predecessors
    • Park Tool´s World renowned clamp with rocker arm actuation and micro-adjustment for quick entry and exit
    • Fits tubes and seat posts from 25mm-76mm (1" to 3") diameter in any shape and material
    • Steel construction for maximum stiffness and durability
    • Drop-shaped tubes increase strength and ensure perfect positioning during use and folding
    • Quick, easy and compact collapsible for storage due to aluminium quick-release and strong tube supports
    • Quick height adjustment from 39" to 57" (99cm-145cm)
    • Powder coating structured on longevity
    • Super strong glass vessel Nylon composite and top tube inner parts for smooth rotation and secure positioning
    • Includes compact height-adjustable tool compartment for holding small parts, a few tools and the PTH-1 paper towel holder (optional accessory)


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    Scope of delivery 

    • 1 x PCS-10.2 Home Mechanic Repair Stand
    • 1 x tool compartment
    UPC: 763477006820
  • Évaluations
    The pivoting system on the top is not very good. It does not release smoothly so rotating the bike on the stand is not too easy. You can even damage the bike when it abruptly loosens. You'd need three hands for handling the bike and the stand at the same time.
    If you like tinkering and doing your own maintenance on your bike, this is a very good investment. My bike weighs around 14kg and this stand can put in any position in a very stable position. Plus, it looks very elegant and will look good inside your house or garage. Sometimes this stand sits between the dining and living room and it does not bother my wife. It means it is not an eyesore and in my opinion is very pleasing to the eye. With the quality, versatility and beauty of this product, I definitely would recommend it. Plus it has a pad in top side where you can hang your bike at the saddle. I would recommend purchasing the tray, which I wish should have come with this product.
    The Park Tool stand is not the cheapest you can get, but it is well built, looks durable and makes working on your bike much easier. I found the quick release mechanism is very practical, as well as the handle to rotate the bike and adjust the working angle. What is perfectible though is the locking mechanism for the feet. It needs to be tightened very firmly, otherwise it will come loose after a while and you'll see the bike starting to lean forward. Not very pleasant when you are working on something delicate and the bike is about to fall on you! Apart from this minor problem it's a great upgrade to the basic and cheap workstand I had before.
    Extrem standsicher. Vom Holländer bis zum Rennrad hänge ich jedes Rad auch für kleine Reinigungarbeiten ein. Das ist rückschonend und es lässt sich einfach arbeiten.
    Perfect and Hi-Quality home stand. I using this one more than 1 Year. I seamlessly wash and service besides classic and e-bikes with or without battery.
    Der Ständer macht einen super Eindruck. Die Qualität ist echt top. Lediglich die Arbeitshöhe und die Kopfsteifigkeit könnte für meinen Geschmack noch höher sein. Ich würde ihn allerdings wieder kaufen.
    Entspricht absolut meinen Erwartungen was Qualität angeht! Stabil und funktionell und sieht zudem top aus!
    Bei mir ist die Rotationsklemmung leider nicht so effektiv. Entweder bombenfest und kaum zu lösen oder wabbelig und unsicher/rutschend/drehend.
    Stabiler und wertiger Montageständer, kommt mit Teileliste und Montageanleitung was leider keine Selbstverständlichkeit ist, Top Preis!
    TOP und geiler Preis!
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