Tribute - Triathlon Shoes
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Tribute - Triathlon Shoes
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  • Description

    Northwave Tribute - Triathlon Shoes

    The Tribute is lightweight and has a striking design.

    Features - Tribute

    • Carbon Light sole made of carbon and fiber glass allows great power transfer
    • NW Speedplay adapter compatible for the shortest distance between pedal and foot
    • Upper made of fast wicking microfiber specific for triathlon with easy entrance system to save seconds
    • 2 straps with upper velcro for side locking
    • Omega heel retention system prevents from slipping
    • Weight: 296 g per shoe


    Carbon Light Sole
    Carbon fibre and nylon: an effective solution for demanding cyclists who require high performance with very low weight. Speedplay pedals compatibility using the specific adaptor.

    Speedplay Adaptor
    The shortest distance between foot and pedal on the market. Northwave developed and patented, in collaboration with Speedplay, an exclusive adaptor that provides maximum power transmission on pedals, thanks to the reduced thickness of just 0,5mm rather the 3mm of the traditional Speedplay adaptors. Made of nylon with a thin aluminum plate (it saves 8,5gr) it allows to respect the natural anatomy of the sole keeping minimized the distance between the foot and the pedal in any position. Without adding bulk and weight as it occurs in systems without the adaptor.

    Omega Heel
    Omega Heel. More ventilation, grip and heel protection even with full-power downstrokes. The rigid profile offers stability combined with an ultralight design.

    Performance Pro Footbed
    EVA and microfiber offer lightness, sole support and the perfect degree of stiffness to transmit all your power to the pedals.

  • Equipement


    Manufacturer: Northwave
    Sole: Carbon Light
    Color: white/ black
    Purpose: Triathlon
    Weight: approx. 296 g per shoe
    Included in delivery: 1 pair
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