Master Lock
Antivol Python 8428
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Master Lock
Antivol Python 8428
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couleur: schwarz
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N° d'article: YY00004389
  • Description

    Master Lock Antivol Python 8428

    Thieves will think twice before messing with these snake coils. The Python adjustable locking cable secures anything within its grasp. It is the world's first adjustable locking cable that is always the right length for your application.
    • Patented locking mechanism holds the cable tight at any position from 30 cm to 1.8 m for infinite locking positions
    • Interchangeable cables for application flexibility
    • 100% steel braided cable
    • Weather tough and rust resistant lock body and cable
    • Vinyl sleeve and lock body bumper prevents scratching
    • Velcro strap holds excess cable for compact storage
    • Measurements: 1,80 m x 10 mm
    • Weight: ca. 780 gr
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